Executive Orders

Remember when Executive Orders were only issued by Dictators?
That only applies when someone other than a democrat is in office. Trump signed 1 executive order in his first 3 days and he was called a dictator. But when Biden signs 19+ in 3 days he’s “building back better.”

Joe Biden himself recently (this summer) said “You can’t legislate by executive order, unless you’re a dictator.” Source NBC interview

However, he also said, “We’re a democracy.” (Actually, asshole, we are a republic. You think someone posing as the president would know America is a Constitutionally limited democratic Republic.)

Joey “the Usurper” Biden has already signed more EO’s than he had attendees at campaign rallies!

Joe Biden has now issued 37 executive orders in his first 6 days after being installed in the White House! So much for the rule of law, the legislature and the Constitution. They were already dead, but he insists on pissing on their graves.

Link to orders that have made their way onto the federal register, click here.

If you are an average citizen of America, Biden’s tyrannical and often unconstitutional orders will negatively impact your life. Call him up and ask him why. Then call your reps and senators and ask the same.

For more on the EO’s and how Biden has destroyed jobs, raised prices on energy and medicines, allowed horny boys into the girls showers and locker rooms, destroyed womens’ sports, given our enemy China access to our electrical grid, made it easier for terrorists to enter America, released foreign national murderers, rapists and child abusers into your neighborhood and city, click here.