Going “Green”

April 17, 2023
Germany is stupidly ending nuclear power this week, to “go green” and “save the planet”.  As everyone with a brain properly predicted, this results in higher costs and less available energy, contrary to claims by idiots like the politicians and media.  And what do ya know… they announced a 45% increase in energy costs for consumers just now.

The exact same thing will happen here.  Biden is intentionally destroying America with his energy policies, (well, the policies his handlers have the dementia-addled geriatric peddle), and every other decision they make in his name. Renewables make up less than 12% of all energy produced domestically, and have struggled just to get there, even with MASSIVE tax incentives.  Dementia Joe is now issuing executive orders and regulations that all automobile makers must drastically reduce emissions and go 65% electric cars (from 6% today) by 2035, which is IMPOSSIBLE, and will have predictable results:

1-Cars will skyrocket in cost, pricing them beyond the middle class.  The government even acknowledges this in reports.

2-Citizens will become more poor, as they spend more and more of their available funds on transportation and energy.  And those few who can afford cars won’t be able to drive much, as we aren’t even producing enough energy now for the 6% of vehicles that are electric, much less an increase of 1000% of electric cars on the road. (That is California-level stupid, like Mr Hair Gel mandating all electric vehicles by 2030-something, when they have blackouts and brownouts already right now, and on top of that are cutting energy production rather than increasing it)…

3-Wealth will be transferred from the middle class to the 1% who will become even more wealthy.

Which is the entire point of the “green” agenda: to transfer wealth and eliminate the middle class, while using the gullibility of citizens and guilt of “killing the planet” as the means to accomplish it.  Any child can research and see electric cars are far more harmful to the environment than internal combustion engines, and that is just building them, after which, you still need to create electricity to power them!!! Then there are the toxic used batteries to dispose of…

Americans should be chasing Biden and his puppet masters out of the White House with pitchforks and torches for what he is doing to America …for this and dozens of other policies.  

Enslavement in process…

While we are on cars and the ridiculous green agenda, did you know the “Infrastructure” omnibus debacle bill also includes a mandate that all vehicles manufactured after 2026 have an inebriation test and remote kill switch installed? Every American will be treated like a felonious drunk driver, having to prove sobriety every day just to start your vehicle, and you will pay out the nose for the system, as well as monthly calibrations at the dealership!

Your car or truck will shut down if you idle too long, to “save the planet” also, and… ready for this? Government affiliates like police and who knows who else (hackers) will be able to access a remote KILL SWITCH to shut off the ignition!


Yup, that’s already law. Look it up, then call your Rep and Senators and rip them a new asshole.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Biden and his handlers are going hog wild and pushing through even more insane “rules” to cripple America and spike costs, further decimating the middle class. ┬áIn May of 2023 this was announced:

What they are requiring is physically impossible, five years to cut by 90% ???  And when they fail, the rule requires the energy production facilities be closed!

Insanity!  Biden is literally destroying America.  This would shut down our energy grid if it is actually followed.  The insanity is undeniable.