Murder & Violence

We have roughly the same total amount of murders via firearms today that we did 90 years ago, despite adding about 200 million people and 350 million guns to the mix. There is no “gun violence epidemic”, and no additional laws were needed after we outlawed murder, assault, rape, theft and other crimes that resulted in victims. The creation of 23,000 state and federal gun control laws was neither effective nor Constitutional: but then, they weren’t designed to be either, just infringements that gradually disarm the populace and protect the tyrants.

Source data:

The United States’ 1931 population was 124 million, and we had 11,160 murders and manslaughters, 7,533 committed with firearms.  The United States’ 2019 population was 328 million, and we had 13,927 homicides, 10,258 via firearms. We basically tripled the population, and quadrupled the number of firearms, yet murders didn’t double or triple, or quadruple… but only increased by about 1/3. Homicides per 100,000 have plummeted, where you’d expect all those additional guns and people to cause an enormous total increase in murders and the rate to remain steady (if you bought into the tripe claiming more guns=more crime).  (page 53)

How do we reduce the incidence of murder? Simple: we must hold individuals accountable for their actions. Instead, Congress tries to pass more UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws restricting firearm ownership by the law abiding populace, people that aren’t even committing any crimes. The United States currently has thousands of laws to regulate firearm use, ownership, manufacture, transport, sales, criminal acts, etc. All 23,000+ of these laws are unconstitutional infringements, having little to no effect on crime, but each new law is proposed as the one that will finally fix what the 23,000 before could not. As if.

Creating a new gun control law every time there is a shooting simply repeats and duplicates ineffectual action. Especially when the newly proposed laws would do nothing to stop or prevent the shooting that just occurred. Which is what politicians habitually do. Nation-wide “Assault weapon bans” (AWB) are regularly proposed after a shooting with a handgun (a different category of firearm not even covered by the proposed law), or after a state with an assault weapon ban already in effect experiences a mass shooter employing an AR15, proving the laws ineffective! The gun grabbers propose them anyhow, because their goal is not to reduce violence but to remove effective firearms from citizens’ hands. The corrupt bureaucrats fear that citizens will take back the power we granted to government, so they want to remove citizens’ ability to oust them by force and/or resist tyrannical force and dictates.

Joe Biden has been protected by firearms for the past 50 years, but wants to prevent citizens from using firearms to protect themselves, and is under the delusion he has some kind of power over our choice of arms. Perhaps it’s the dementia, but the 2nd takes that choice out of Joey’s hands. He uses the word “allow” as if it applies! Citizens do not require permission.

The only way for government to reduce the frequency of murder, violence and crimes against persons is to hold perpetrators strictly accountable with harsh sentences. Alternatively, society itself can have a similar repressive impact on the incidence of crime by being an armed society: one where a potential criminal knows their intended victim is likely armed and dangerous as well, and will vigorously defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property.

Politicians have chosen not to solve the problem, but to make it worse. Progressive DA’s are intentionally refusing to charge many criminals, and those they do are given light sentences, with a number of charges dropped entirely. This is the problem, and the cause. It is done intentionally, so that crimes will persist and grow in frequency, and the public will beg for help.

The government’s proposed solution to a manipulated cry for aid is ALWAYS to pass more ineffective laws. Laws which do not fight existing crime, but instead turn currently lawful actions into crimes. They pass laws which ban firearms and disarm the public… and make defending oneself a crime. The corrupt power-hungry authoritarians pass laws that make the People more and more dependent on the government for protection and safety, neither of which is ever delivered. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that police are not required to save or protect individual citizens.

One could honestly say that politicians are accessories to murder, as the laws they pass and prosecute aid criminals, by rendering their intended victims defenseless. One could say the government is waging war on its citizens. You would be right to say so. Furthermore, these politicians are committing a crime and violating their oath to uphold the Constitution with each gun law they pass. They want a disarmed public, totally at their mercy. The authoritarians running the government want a monopoly on violence, and the means to inflict it (all the guns). That way, the People cannot resist anything the government decides to do to them.

They have have no such power. They must be reminded.

A fitting quote:

War is when the government tells its citizens who the enemy is; revolution is when the people figure it out for themselves.