Freedom Convoy

“We feel that bodily autonomy and choosing one’s own healthcare is a basic human right. We vehemently support the right all people have to make their own decisions based on their personal medical history, and to choose whether or not to avail themselves of any medication or treatment according to their own conscience and desires, without coercion from the government.” So said an intelligent friend of mine, and we at agree.

The freedom to peacefully assemble and protest is the bedrock of Democracy, and only threatens tyranny. That fact should be promoted and repeated everywhere.

Canada is one country among many that are mandating China Virus vaccinations despite the fact they neither inoculate people to prevent infection nor stop the spread of the virus. Canada has been crushing small businesses with lock downs, restricting freedom of movement, censuring free speech, and controlling whether or not citizens could even work and earn a living, all based on ill-advised opinions that are not supported by science.

The people enforcing vax restrictions do NOT even follow them.  The hypocrisy!  Any logical human can see it. Worse, the government that writes carve-outs for its police force denigrates its citizens who make the same choice: not to get vaccinations they do not feel they need and that their medical history suggests may be harmful.

Trudeau ascribed misogyny and racism to people he has never met, simply because they do not agree with his ideology. He did not seek to understand why citizens have concerns about vaccines that were rushed through approval procedures, and whose manufacturers provide kick-backs to Canada for every single dose. He just went right out and attacked them, portraying them as hateful.

As for his claim of racism… how does he address this?

But he went beyond just using words to hurt fellow Canadians… as noted above, he and his party passed laws to deprive them of their livelihoods. Trudeau prohibited them from working unless they subjected themselves to a brand new vaccine whose long term effects are unknown, restricting their ability to make mortgage payments or pay for groceries. The government denigrated the unvaccinated, and prevented them from even shopping in grocery stores on their own, forcing them to be accompanied by a store clerk who would ensure the only things they put in their cart were approved edibles! So the truckers said, “no more”. They joined together to form a convoy, and drove across the country to the capital, to petition the government to end all these dehumanizing mandates.

And now Prime Minister Justin “Castro Jr” Trudeau is pissed that Canadian truckers are “locking down” Ottawa better than he did, falsely claiming a peaceful protest organized by truckers is a “threat to democracy” and is impeding the economy. What rank hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness, coming from someone who ensured Canadians would suffer as a result of covid mandates that decimated the economy, assaulted liberty, demanded citizens accede to experimental medical procedures if they wanted to keep their jobs AND government lock-downs that shuttered small businesses while it simultaneously enriched the Amazons and Walmarts of the world. And all the while, the unvaccinated were treated as second-class citizens.

This is another picture of Justin…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Blackface courtesy of AP.

Mr Castro Jr… I’m sorry, Mr Trudeau has accused the Freedom Convoy truckers and all their supporters of racism, hate, bigotry, and misogyny. He claims they yell profanities and parade signs of hate such as Nazi symbols. These are lies meant to purposely mischaracterize and slander the good people of Canada, who are feeding the homeless and collecting garbage, used needles, discarded masks and other refuse off the streets of Ottawa. The truckers are removing snow and spreading salt to ensure safety as they protest draconian covid restrictions on liberty and forced medical experimentation. But the Prime Minister who wore Blackface so frequently he cannot even provide an estimate as to the number of times he racially insulted colored people of the world has chosen to castigate citizens who are protesting their government as racists!

Trudeau and the Ottawa city council have described protesters as intimidating and violent as well, yet cannot provide a single example, and the fact of the matter is crime has dropped significantly since the protest started 11 days ago.

Make memes!  The city council stated they were very upset about the memes and social media posts that supported the Freedom Convoy and showed protesters having fun, in bouncy ball blowups and saunas, while they themselves “feared for their very lives”.

The stupid and arrogant members of the Ottawa city council are cutting off their nose to spite their face with a number of “ordinances” they passed last night.  They are trying to go after the organizers for $800,000 of policing costs per day (starting today). The city is trying to recoup $$ from the truckers to give to businesses they themselves shut down (to prevent the restaurants and shops downtown from serving the truckers and making money on their own and seeing what these people are like). They are “targeting” American citizens who support the Freedom Convoy with donations, claiming it is a national security issue.  The city is exploring options to seize the vehicles if they cannot tow them, either now or months from now when the protest is over. The RCMP are collecting vehicle information in order to support that effort.

Seize the trucks? This is thousands of trucks we are talking about, the big 18-wheeled rigs that bring groceries to your stores, chemicals to your water treatment plants, and supplies to your manufacturers, as well as shipping all your Amazon purchases from one part of the country to another! There are an estimated 50,000 trucks involved in the protests, not just in downtown Ottawa but blocking Coutts and other border crossings with the U.S. Several more bridges were blockaded today. Your whole supply chain is backed up weeks by now, and you want to seize the trucks???

And go after donors to the Freedom Convoy? Whatcha gonna do when no US truckers will make deliveries to Canada?  How bad can you screw up the supply chain? And as an intelligent anonymous person said on the interwebz… “If we are at a point where the intent of national governments is to persecute people who simply donate to a protest, wherein the protest is a demand for freedom, then we are well past the point where men should fear tyrants.”

It looks more and more like maybe they want empty shelves, since that would be yet another excuse for THE GREAT RESET policies to seize more power, clamp down liberty, shut down small businesses, and redirect all purchasing through multi-national mega corporations. Neither Trudeau or the city council has even mentioned the possibility of meeting with the protesters and discussing their requests to end all covid restrictions.

A number of nations have already ended or reduced covid restrictions, recognizing the science does not support them. Covid is going to be here forever now that China unleashed it, and like the flu, we have to live with it. Some iterations will be more severe than others, but lock-downs don’t work, and neither do cloth masks. The fact is, unless you are wearing N-95 masks, that compliance cloth over your face is virtually useless. Studies have proven cloth masks at best reduce spread of the WuFlu by 11%. Even N-95 masks are limited in effectiveness by how they are used, cross-contamination from the hands and clothing, etc.

Covid-19 is here to stay. Live with it. It has a 97% survival rate, and those with pre-existing conditions should certainly take precautions. The rest of us should return to normalcy and enjoy each others’ smiling faces.

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update 02/09/22

The RCMP has been stealing diesel from truckers and protesters who carried in Jerry cans to refill the tanks and keep the truck cabs warm at night in sub-zero temps. A judge ordered police to return the fuel. They did, yesterday, then started ticketing and stealing fuel-filled Jerry cans again today, claiming providing fuel to protesters is “mischief”. They steal them right off people’s pickup trucks, from protesters walking the streets hauling fuel in, and from big rigs as they see it. Despicable.

Those acts will likely cause a few folks to freeze overnight.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they brought in Child Services, claiming they were worried about children, who have been having a grand time playing in Bounce Houses, playing hockey, listening to music, playing with other kids (unmasked-the horror). Trying to instill fear in protesters that they might lose their children! Also, RCMP Chief Sloly said he is concerned police action could harm children present, or something to that effect. Sounded like he was delaying going in with flash bangs and SWAT just yet.

On a positive note, Saskatchewan and Alberta both announced ending certain portions of the WuFlu mandates, masking or Jab Passports. While they will claim it is because they finally have Omicron under control, the world knows it was because the Freedom Convoy got those politicians under control! Unfortunately, they did not completely reverse the authoritarian controls on liberty, and have made them subject to change. Unacceptable.

Tonight 02/09-02/10, we have this update- looks like the mass arrests will commence any time in Ottawa. We have seen numerous reports the real aggressive push will happen on the 11th, perhaps in the early morning hours.

Since the city council of Ottawa expressed their hatred and contempt for memes & the fact protesters are having fun, rather than suffering as they exercise civil disobedience on a massive scale, and were especially raw over the bounce houses and saunas the truckers brought in for kids and adults to enjoy, we have a little something for Diane and Jim…

Update 02/15/2022

After 2 years of the Canadian government forcing businesses to close and go out of business, lock-downs, restricting free movement, preventing people from working or shopping based on vax status, trauma inflicted on children, and a general decimation of the economy, Justin Trudeau now equates a demonstrably peaceful and legal protest in Ottawa with WW1 & WW2, declaring the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau has caused 2 years of misery and economic disaster, but the Emergencies Act was not used against him, defunding the government and stealing the government’s property.

Yet he will steal truckers and other protesters bank accounts based on the fact they peacefully protested and made social media comments critical of his unlawful acts. He will cancel their insurance and seize their vehicles. Their peaceful protest was declared legal by a judge, yet Justin claims it is illegal and dangerous. How?

The truckers have not caused any violence, nor participated in looting or arson or rioting, unlike BLM & antifa. They are not terrorists. Yet they are treated as such.

Trudeau and the federal gov are declaring war on the People of Canada, because for a few days international shipping was delayed. Not because anything was destroyed, but delayed! The Ambassador Bridge was already open. Trudeau is directing what amounts to War Powers at citizens because they oppose his authoritarian regime.

According to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met.

The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” & when the situation “cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.”

Governments regularly deal with difficult situations, and do so using powers granted to them by democratically elected representatives. Emergency legislation should not be normalized. It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties.

Further, the premiers of 5 provinces oppose the use of the Emergencies Act: Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.

oh, and the Chief of Ottawa police reigned. Good riddance.