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Sars-Cov-2 or Covid-19 is a real virus, either intentionally or accidentally released from the Wuhan lab that created it, but it has served the establishment as a means to control the populace. Science does not guide the forced shut-downs, arbitrary curfews and rules on indoor dining. It is predicted some 60% of businesses closed by Government order will not reopen. Pain was inflicted on the country to depress voter sentiment, enable fraud by mail voting, and ultimately alter the results of the election.

Lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccination requirements and proof of the jab/covid ID/QR codes have and will continue to be leveraged to force more small and medium-sized business closures, while directing consumer activity to mega-corporations, monitoring AND controlling the citizens. Think about it: shopping at Walmart and Costco is no safer than at your local grocer, hardware or feed store. Yet the former were allowed and the latter forbidden.

Now he says we have no control over the virus. It’s just an excuse for more spending, more government intervention, and more shutdowns.

We were originally told that masks are not effective for the general populace, and that we should not wear them. This was and remains true. Without proper donning and doffing procedures, of not only respirators but gloves and gowns, cross contamination renders mask use a complete waste of time. And that’s assuming it is a quality medical mask.

The public was initially told not to wear masks so that the supply would not be decimated, rendering medical providers unprotected. The worry was hospitals would be overrun, and staff would fall ill and be unable to provide care. Turning around and ordering citizens to wear any face covering available, though, even homemade and non-surgical quality was laughable. This was proof positive to anyone with even limited intelligence that masks were nothing but compliance cloths.

Especially considering disclaimers like this:

The mask mandates that followed were sometimes disregarded by the public, as the government had lost credibility. Medically speaking, neck gaitors, cloth masks, and even surgical masks are not nearly as effective as N95 respirators. N96 only block 95% of the particles, especially when a lack of training and other precautionary measures ensure cross contamination will ensue. The virus floats right through and around any gaps of cloth masks, making them pretty much useless.

Thus, these mask mandates were and are simply compliance mandates. They are a method of controlling the public. As are the arbitrary business closures. And the curfews.

The rate of compliance with mask mandates, business closures, curfews and policies on social distancing are indicative of how much control the government has on its citizens. We are seeing more pushback on all.

America allowed politicians and unelected bureaucrats tell them to shut down their businesses, and effectively surrendered their means of making a living and providing for themselves. Citizens know the masks don’t work, however, and have no desire to become dependent on government handouts, which do not even approach the level of income we can achieve were the government to simply step out of the way.

The level of compliance going forward is likely to collapse, especially considering CDC announcements about effectiveness of legitimate medical grade PPE. The CDC site quietly did an update in early December 2020 stating that mask use was ineffective in protecting against infection, no matter who was wearing the PPE, when exposure to an infected person was within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. So why bother wearing them?

In addition, multiple reports have arisen stating that lockdowns are not working and are not recommended. These are getting play in the international media, and follow requests from the CDC all the way back in October 2020 to stop employing lockdowns as a primary means of slowing the spread of Covid.

The fear mongering by the media will need to ramp up significantly if the “dark winter” promised by Biden will be delivered, and whether people will have enough fear to comply with shutdowns.