Join the Cause & Take Action

Basic & General Steps you should take as soon as possible:

  • If you haven’t already, cancel all accounts associated with amazon, netflix, facebook, instagram, twitter, google, gmail, youtube, and apple.  Stop funding companies that hate you and your ideals, that teach others to hate you. Do NOT let them monetize your life, or sell all your private info, contact list, purchase history and browsing data to other companies and the government. Just do it.  These corporations despise people like you, and indoctrinate all their viewers to hate you, directly through their programming.

  • For a complete list of corporations, newspapers & publishing companies, entertainment providers, car manufacturers, banks and more who you should boycott, visit These companies fund and support the World Economic Forum and their globalist “Great Reset”, so deprive them of your hard-earned money, and deny them access to your data and activity.
  • Cash your paychecks, literally, and withdraw cash for all purchases. Move accounts from large corporate banks! Buy locally, in cash, to support local businesses that share your values. The more people use cash, the less likely the stores will want to go cashless. Contact the manufacturer directly for large purchases if local shops don’t carry what you need. Don’t allow banks and the government to track your purchase history.

  • Leave your phone and other electronic devices (like smart watches) at home when you shop, protest, and do anything else you don’t want big tech and the government to record, file and use to discriminate against you. Alternatively, keep your phone with you BUT turned off AND stored in a faraday bag when out and about, so it is available for emergencies but your actions are not tracked. Establish a schedule of when family can expect to reach you, removing the phone and powering it up for 10 minutes at the top of every odd hour.

  • Proudly and loudly speak of your commitment to Freedom, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, equal application of the Rule of Law, and your patriotic American ideals.  Risk those uncomfortable conversations, losing a customer, and even being cancelled. If they disagree, calmly state “Look, we can agree to disagree, and still get along. I respect people’s right to have their own opinions”… and leave it at that. 

  • Get offline, and spend more time offline each day, interacting with people IRL, meeting neighbors and locals, building relationships. Share what you know about current events and the WEF, and learn what they know.

  • In all your actions, show the world we are not going away, but nor are we remaining silent.  We won’t try to force our ideas on others, or shout theirs down (unlike them), but we won’t hide either. Courageously display through your actions that America protects even that speech we most detest. Open carry, wear pro 2A tshirts or hats, or offer to take new friends to the range to exercise the 2nd amendment.
  • Call your reps and senators at state and federal level once per week.   Check the DO SOMETHING page for the latest script and cause, or pick one of the following: A) Demand voting security measures, voter ID and proof of citizenship to cast a ballot. B) Request they end infringements on the 2nd amendment, such as removing both suppressors and SBR’s from the NFA; C) Demand they strengthen free speech protections on social media, and kill section 230.  D) Demand they pass legislation to ban all forms of digital ID’s, QR codes, social credit scores, ESG (environmental, social and governance) rating in banking, vaccination passports, and/or a universal ID’s.
  • Build up a minimum of two weeks (and up to 6 months or a year) of shelf-stable food and water for every member of your household, as well as medications, emergency medical supplies and personal hygiene products. Plant vegetables and raise chickens, rabbits or other livestock to be self-sufficient if possible. Get prepared to survive without power, phones, the internet and money, and you’ll be set no matter what comes.
  • Establish a means of alternate banking, such as a local bank, and invest in precious metals (take possession of them). Both are immediate priorities. Don’t be at the mercy of the government freezing your bank account and leaving you without access to assets. If millions of us closed our bank accounts, withdrawing funds as cash, that alone would cripple the globalists. It would crash banks, who create money out of thin air with fractional banking and lending practices (google that to make your blood boil).

  • Speaking of Loans & Lending, pay yours off! And pay off your credit cards! Do not enrich the bankers and the globalists by following the loan schedule; accelerate payments and or make lump sum payments.

  • Continue to hone your safe and proficient skills with firearms; secure cases of ammo, spare parts, replacement springs and CLP; service, clean and use your weapons.
  • Get off the computer, get outside, and live life, despite unconstitutional lockdowns and infringements of your rights.  Make civil disobedience the national pastime.

  • Attend protests, Freedom Convoys, free speech rallies, 2nd amendment rallies and gun shows. Smile and have fun with like-minded folks.

  • Read “Rules for Radicals” and flip the script, using the Communist’s playbook against them.  Identify companies, politicians and news anchors who are spreading lies and Leftist propaganda, and employ the “radical rules” right back at them.

  • If you don’t already have one, build a network of patriots you trust, slowly and methodically, and discuss face to face what additional steps can be taken to obstruct socialists.  Accept the fact that 90% of Congress in D.C. (that’s House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats) have betrayed you.  They do not represent you, and they violated their oath to protect & defend the Constitution.  None of them belong in office, and it falls to you to remove them.  The opportunity exists for you to run for office in local and state elections for dozens of positions. Run for one!

  • Execute those plans, develop new ones, and execute those plans.  Keep making progress in your sphere of control and influence.

  • Exercise daily, brush and floss, eat well, cut down on empty calories from sugary drinks and snacks, and get 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

We want fellow freedom loving, independent, self-sufficient people who prefer dangerous freedom to grow in numbers, to prosper, and to live long & healthy lives. To that end, here’s a quick and dirty suggestion for those of you readers who need to lose some pounds or get back in shape. (Don’t expect results if you don’t work for them.)

Basic regime:

1) Count the calories of everything you eat and drink DAILY in a journal for one week.
2) Identify empty calories to eliminate, or reduce, such as soda, chips, candy, etc.
3) Exercise to the degree you burn more calories than you ingest.
4) Drink at least one pint of water per hour when awake.  This suppresses appetite and flushes toxins.
5) Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

As for workouts, the fastest way to increase strength and stamina while shedding pounds is daily body weight calisthenics, aka high intensity interval training (HIIT), aka PT workouts.  Follow a simple AMRAP program: as many reps as possible in 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds rest to start. Repeat, changing up the exercise each round (burpees, 8-count body builders, pushups, flag poles, flutter kicks, jumping jacks, high knees, pull ups, reverse crunches, sprints, Superman’s, mountain climbers, box jumps, whatever).

The point is, get your heart rate spiking for 30 seconds, then let it recoup and decelerate the next 30 seconds, then repeat… start your total workout at 5 min, then work up to 10, then 15, then 20, then 25, then 30 minutes as you progress week after week.  You can gradually increase the work period to 45 and then 60 seconds or more, but keep the rest sessions at 30 seconds. You will shed pounds, your body temp and rate of caloric burn will spike, and metabolism will stay elevated all day.

Do this every day, and go for runs, lift weights, box, swim, cycle, row, put on a gi and spar, go hiking or rock climbing or some other enjoyable physical activity as well. Or do doubles: one session in the morning and one in the evening. It works for me.