When the “Reset” is complete, the government will be able to flip a switch and de-person you, cutting you off from banking, insurance, medical assistance, communications, travel, etc. Privacy, private property, and freedom of speech will be memories.

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January 2021

The Left have already announced they are COMING FOR IT ALL with the “GREAT RESET”.  From your home to your retirement account.  The damn ad campaign tells us “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

“Covid-19 has highlighted how we can do things differently, but we need to start normalizing it – it can’t just be during a crisis” according to the World Economic Forum. The goal is for governments to act as a collective, in essence forming one world government, in partnership with international mega-corporations. The shutdowns and controls on freedom of movement and association utilized under the pretense of fighting a virus will be used to control the world’s population. They will be normalized, irregardless of how the virus is affecting the world. You will very quickly come to hate the phrase “the new normal.”

Shutdowns will be leveraged to drive all small and medium sized businesses into bankruptcy, while driving all consumers (and workers) to the mega-corporations, under a pretext of minimizing global impacts and maximizing efficiency. It will all be explained in terms of improving the human condition and saving the planet, when in reality, it will improve the bank accounts of the politicians and the executives at the top of the food chain, while minimizing freedom and income potential for the masses. Equality of outcomes rather than opportunity are the focus, putting the masses on an equally miserable footing.

A new financial system will be “needed” to accommodate this new global system, in the form of a digital currency that is 100% tracked and controlled by the government(s). It will allow a global reset of financial markets, debts and trade. But don’t get any ideas about having your own debts wiped out and starting over with a clean slate. Oh, no. As certain countries’ currencies spiral into hyperinflation, the people will clamor for a solution, and the “elite” will happily provide one that they have been trying to establish for decades. After all, they created the circumstances that will force mankind to beg for relief.

Global citizens will be subjected to social credit scores, which will tie into every aspect of their lives, and impact their access to resources. The covid passport is the jumping off point, tying in vaccination records, which will be required for travel, employment and shopping. Web access, and thus browsing history, online purchases and social media interactions will be tied to the same ID. It will be the only way to police hate speech, after all, and end racism and extremism of every form. Or so we will be told. Privacy will cease to exist.

Your ability to communicate, travel, work, shop, receive medical care and for all intents and purposes, live, will be tied to your Covid passport. Access can be denied, therefore at will, by the government(s) and mega-corporations that control the systems should they determine you have “misbehaved.” If you thought Cancel Culture was bad now, or that having a 7-day timeout from Twitter was disruptive, wait until every aspect of your life can be controlled at the flip of a figurative switch.

This will be introduced in stages, always presented as a means to increase efficiencies, reduce waste and environmental impact, and manage the ongoing covid “crisis”. Various strains will keep appearing, and that same ID will be necessary for contact tracing to manage contagion, deliver healthcare screenings and manage vaccinations. Of course, an application with the “passport/ID” will need to be installed on your phone, which you will be required to have with you at all times.

The media, big tech and government spokespersons will present a unified message of how each stage of the rollout benefits you, the individual, and how your life will be easier and better as a result of complying. Failure to participate in the programs will effectively prevent one from living in the interconnected world they are building. As soon as cash is eliminated, participation will be mandatory, and laws with enticements and penalties will discourage bartering.

So… does this sound like building back better? The governments and corporations want to recreate a world where every aspect of your life is tracked, and access to communication, association, travel and employment, as well as the ability to purchase anything at all is dependent on your passport and social credit score. It will place everyone at the mercy of the system, specifically, to those who can suspend or cancel your access. It is, in a word, slavery.

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom – go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” ~Samual Adams

Steak & Caviar for the oligarchs and party members, bugs & insects for the masses.

The WEF globalists are some evil psychopaths.

Update February 2022

Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and hundreds of others are dedicated members of the World Economic Forum, who through the Great Reset and Covid-19 PLANDEMIC are trying to drastically change the world for their benefit.

As they admit, the WEF concentrates on the public-private partnership, as in government and corporate partnership, which is fascism. The plan is to institute a global digital ID/QR code/social credit system to track your every action and grant or deny you access to the world based on your compliance; a digital & programmable currency which can easily be manipulated, and through which people will be controlled by inciting, limiting or completely denying purchases, tracking all financial transactions, and adjusting account balance for dissident behavior; and a shift of all workers to tiny living arrangements in large cities, working for mega corporations like Amazon and Walmart while shuttering small businesses; and eliminating self-sufficiency and independence. Home ownership would become a thing of the past (see Blackrock’s recent buying up of single family homes all over the country), as would personal vehicles.

As they say on their website, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” But if you voice any dissent, purchase a forbidden item (like firearms or defensive weapons), embrace opposing views or simply support a cause they don’t approve of… well, look out!

The WEF controls Blackrock and Vanguard, which control legacy media, pharmaceuticals, and banks. They will control 20 trillion dollars worth of assets by 2028. The likelihood that you work for one of their companies increases each and every year.

This is what the Freedom Convoy was up against. Not just the one in Canada, but each protest around the world, in February 2022. Jerusalem, Romania, Austria, the United States, Italy, France, Brussels, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and other countries were all having their own Freedom Convoys.

If you care about freedom & privacy, and have no desire to surrender control over virtually every aspect of your life to the government, you also need to take actions to resist and undermine this scheme. It introduces a federal digital ID being developed for the citizens of Canada (and every western country). The quoted text area below paraphrases and explains the presentation from a video that was produced by the Canadian Banking Association but was removed from Youtube since I first published .

“Tired of memorizing passwords, carrying govt issued ID and plastic cards? Digital ID is a way to identify yourself to government , banks and each other. A way to apply for government benefits, renew drivers licenses and insurance, shop, and secure healthcare. Banks are uniquely qualified to offer this service, thanks to their work on encryption and ties to cutting edge technology, and the World Economic Forum (Great Reset/ Build Back Better) supports the creation of such a digital ID”. Of course they do, because it will provide a means to track, data mine and control every single citizen.

“It will be one interconnected digital system that shares info between government, banks, telecommunications and law enforcement, among others. The digital ID will contain a Canadian’s electronic identity and attributes” (unnamed examples including: vax status, political affiliation, shopping and browsing history, medical conditions, social media history, firearm ownership, license status, criminal record, health insurance, vehicle insurance, pension and retirement savings, passport travel records, government benefits and more).

This federal digital ID will centralize every part of your life, and by design it is controlled by the Canadian government and you are supposed to trust that neither an inept bureaucrat nor an authoritarian bully will flip the single switch necessary to shut you out of every aspect of your world). You will use this ID to access all online applications, to travel, to securely verify your identity and prevent fraud (and a side benefit for police is that any speech or action the government deems offensive or hateful, or simply critical of government, will be instantly verified as having been made by you).

You can read the white paper the CBA just put forth on making the federal digital ID a reality, and you are encouraged to read it, but they know almost no one will spend the time to wade through hundreds of pages of dry legalese.

Canada is launching the digital ID recommended by the World Economic Forum, and because it will be required to access every aspect of your online, social, governmental and financial interactions, and will track your every action, should you become a political dissident, the government need simply flip a switch to disable your ID… preventing your living in today’s society.

Canada just froze bank accounts of peaceful protesters. With digital ID, they will be able to do a whole lot more… they will UN-person you.

Update March 9, 2022

This has been planned for years. The US debt bomb is closer and closer to going off. The US dollar cannot survive interest rates returning to their historic 4-5% level, as interest on debt alone would crowd out all discretionary spending. We have had zero interest rates or thereabouts since 0bama, in a desperate move to delay the bomb.

They will launch crypto and the dollar will crash at the same time. “Hurry, convert, quickly, to crypto. Save what you can,” they’ll shout!

And then the benevolent and gracious government will track every purchase You make, compel (force) spending to kickstart the economy by deploying negative interest rates (Yellen already admitted years ago that she wanted to use negative rates), give dissidents’ crypto accounts a nice “haircut” of 10-25% per incident of opposing the official government approved policy, etc. Controlling every aspect of your money will be the ultimate control.

Try to buy guns? Nope, intelligent programmable currency won’t allow it. Ammo? Nope, not that, either. There goes the firearm manufacturing business. They wanna move a specific industry? Help out a donor, or a fellow WEF member’s business? You will get rebates for purchasing or investing in “green renewables” sold by Justin Trudeau’s family business. Or Macron’s. Or Merkel’s. Total manipulation and control.

Surprised that they didn’t say it would be tied to the World Bank and/or IMF. This is the World Economic Forum “great reset” in play. Maybe that will be closer to launch, or they will announce that to better display our stake in the “global economy” we will merge with their incidentally brand new digital currency.

Go to their website and see for yourself, if all of the above and preceding hasn’t yet convinced you. They don’t hide their intentions, and Klaus just released his new “great narrative” book to tell you what comes next. I feel like I need a shower now, after discussing those sadistic psychopaths…

Update July 2022

Will flesh this out in a few days. See huge protest movement in the Netherlands, getting violent, as the government is setting strict restrictions on fertilizer, which will 1) result in far less produce, 2) cause farms to go bankrupt and 3) massive food shortages. Canada is announcing the same. Expect Dementia Joe to follow suit, and the UK as well.

Look to Sri Lanka for what to expect.

Read up on the Saudi Arabia “Line” city, an Agenda 21/30 example of what the WEF, IMF, World Bank and the rest of the authoritarian Leftists want for the world: mega cities, stuffing humanity into vertical cities with negligible footprints, and eliminating rural and suburban living, as well as private ownership of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The “Green New Deal” has been rebranded the “Inflation Reduction Act”, raising taxes and spending $400 billion confiscated tax dollars on so-called “green” development, but really enriching the relatives and sponsors of Democrats. Manchin got his payoff and caved, agreeing to vote for it, the day before America officially entered a recession. And speaking of the Biden 2022 Recession, the White House bobble heads and idiots-not-experts-on-anything of the lame stream “news” have now redefined recession, denying the longstanding 2 negative quarters of GDP definition.

Update October 2022

If we the People allow the US gov to create a digital ID system and replace the dollar with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), freedom is over. The systems will be required for and will track every single aspect of your life, from purchases to bill paying histories, medical records and insurance to social media, email and phone access and history to political views and gun ownership. They will know who you associate with and what you think, and will most assuredly hold it against you.

The government will be able to flip one single switch to deperson you, cutting you off from banking, insurance, communications, travel, etc.

Digital ID and CBDC are the greatest threats to liberty that exist.

These two will make government control of the public absolute, and create infinite opportunities for government and corporations to market (or deny) products, learn what you spend money on, how you spend your time, what you believe and who you associate with. Take note, while they claim the system and all the data will be “accessed and used appropriately” … according to who?

Update November 2022

The G20 decided they have authority to force all citizens to inject whatever the World Health Organization decides to call a vaccine, and citizens must also download a digital vaccine passport on their phone in order to travel internationally

If that were not bad enough, the 2nd largest funder of democrats has turned out to be a money-laundering pyramid scheme. US tax dollars went to Ukraine, Zelinsky “invested” much of that in FTX, then FTX sent at least $40 million to Democrats as “donations” and “contributions”. Democrats profited greatly from FTX, and now that they cant use it to launder funds for personal or campaign use, they will point to FTX as an example of the need to regulate crypto to death.

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