No Representation

Americans have no Conservative representation inside the government. We don’t even have anyone who values the Constitution, and upholds their oath of office!

All we have is the GOP, people who pretend to be on our side, but are in fact authoritarians who lust for power and money, just like the Left. Republicans in office are nothing more than “controlled opposition” who put on a kabuki theater, pretending to have conservative and constitutionalist values while they battle Democrats for the cameras, only to join these same Democrat friends at happy hour come 4pm EST. It’s all laughing and backslapping and bragging how they pulled the wool over voters eyes at happy hour.

We aren’t being beaten by the Left, so much as betrayed by those we assume are on the Right. Kari Lake wasn’t outsmarted by the Left. She was betrayed by the fake Right, the Maricopa GOP-controlled board of supervisors, who made a deal to give Katie Hobbs the governorship, AG & SOS offices in exchange for GOP control of the AZ state house and senate. Two of the GOP supervisors founded a PAC to defeat Kari, and it was supported by democrat contributions!

Half of America that believes in freedom, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, limited government and taxes that provide for a national defense of self-reliant Americans HAS NO REPRESENTATION AT THE STATE OR FEDERAL LEVEL. The GOP only pretend to share our values. And we are fighting against a replacement of the demographics via unfettered illegal immigration, as well as the educational system, media and entertainment industries which are trying to indoctrinate our children and turn them against us. They also inundate adults with non-stop propaganda. Our attempts to educate people and share real news are censored.

The Left is collective, organized, values telling others what to do, and controls gov, schools, media, hollyweird and most tech. BLM & pAntifa can organize mayhem and looting on FB. They can openly plan felonies, and law enforcement does nothing. We can’t even use text, socials, email or phones without the DOJ infiltrating and working to co-opt our protests, coordinating with legacy media and painting us as bigots, supremacists, nazis, racists, or misogynists.

We value independence; we don’t naturally move in large groups or organizations like the Left, and we don’t have the desire to control others like they do. Just wanting to be left alone to live as we please means we don’t habitually focus on politics. Lefties get politics and their marching orders mainlined by TV news, entertainment, schooling… it’s basically everywhere, while we try to ignore it.

We turn off the shows that feature woke characters preaching about carbon footprints while informing their co-stars that today their fluid gender is “female with xer pronouns”… but democrats keep watching, and they use those fictional shows as affirmation of their wacky woke ideology. Propaganda we recognize as bullshit is unfortunately viewed as indisputable evidence by our leftwing coworkers or neighbors. If you point out it’s a fictional drama, they’ll claim it represents facts. It’s impossible to debate people that don’t recognize the difference, and prioritize feelings over logic.

So how do we fight it? Not by elections, especially now, when the people we have voted into office to supposedly represent us are the ones betraying us and helping the Left cheat (see Maricopa County, GOP governors in AZ, Georgia, etc, as examples, as well as the federal house and senate, and even SCOTUS IN 2020.)

It’s back to the taverns for us: face 2 face. Backyard bbq’s to organize protests and educate and share news and strategies. Talking to neighbors, building community plans to offset food and water and energy issues coming down the pike. Non-compliance and serving on juries to nullify bad laws. Buying in cash, locally, as much as possible rather than enriching Amazon and corporations that not only hate us, but teach others to hate us with their programming and political donations.

Lobby Day rallies like Virginia in 2020 all over the nation… Protests and rallies against cbdc and digital ID’s/vax passports. City-wide work walkouts. Occupying and disrupting.

Still have doubts? Read on.

“The Left keeps beating the Right, keeps beating us” people say in frustration. Granted, the Left is very well practiced, play the long game, work in lockstep to achieve their goals, occupy the Right with a dozen attacks at a time, and keep pecking away at our rights.  Our rights, the citizens.

But take a step back and consider:  Is it you and I creating the counter strategy that is implemented?  No, it’s Mitch the Turtle, Boehner, Eddie Munster, and now Kevin McCarthy who is just as swampy.  The citizens who are the actual Right are on the sidelines looking in, watching our “Team” lose repeatedly to the Left’s “Team”, even snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  

We the People don’t coach or call the plays, we’re not even allowed on the field, we just suffer for their actions.  And I’m saying their actions are contrived, coordinated with the opposing team, and just as fake as 80’s WWF.

Trump was the first person who wasn’t part of “the club” to get to play.  Keri Lake is another outsider.  I’d like to see her gain power, to have even a chance to make plays for us, but GOPe board of supervisors betrayed her.  Hobbs and the Left didn’t beat her, our own team threw the game.

When you step back from cheering for our side, or gnashing teeth when they inevitably lose, you can see the GOP mean to lose, and the coaches and players (the politicians) still win, don’t suffer, are enriched just for playing, and rewarded with million-dollar gigs when they leave office.

It is time to remove the politicians from control, from decision making and execution of strategy, because THOSE CHARGED WITH REPRESENTING US AREN’T PLAYING TO WIN.  

We the People need to remove consent to be governed, and all the authority that Consent provides.