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Most people take money for granted. Not what they have (or wish they had) in their various bank and investment accounts, but our monetary system. Not many consider the drastic changes we have seen in our lifetimes thus far, how the banking system even works, and HUGE changes in process right now.

Today, gold is trading for $2030 an ounce. In 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard, it was $35. Gold didn’t increase in value, or become more precious or rare. On the contrary, gold is constantly being dug up and mined. Gold didn’t increase in value; the dollar lost its value and purchasing power. A dollar from 1971 would bought $7.46 worth of goods in today’s money. Back then, a dollar bought more than a case of soda, while today it won’t even buy you a single can.

The federal reserve’s constant printing of money out of thin air kept increasing the number of dollars in existence, which depleted the value of every current dollar in existence. That is how inflation works. The more you print, the more everything costs, and the less your savings will buy.

Inflation is an insidious tax that the government foists on citizens without most citizens knowing anything about it. Presidents act like inflation just happens, and they had nothing to do with it. Government is entirely responsible for inflation; they cause it in order to benefit the government at the expense of everyone else. It’s called inflating their debt away. Governments borrow money and pay it back with money that’s worth significantly less.