Sick of Lies

I am so sick and tired of the lies Biden, Mayorkas, the press and every democrat spew about so-called assault weapons, mass shootings, their proposed laws which are entirely unconstitutional, and the prior assault weapon ban.

The guns they call assault weapons are used in less than 0.17% of all homicides annually.  These guns are not the issue, sick and deranged people are.

Rifles of all shapes and sizes, including “assault weapons” are used in fewer than 450 homicides per year, including mass shootings.  Knives kill more.  Bare fists kill more.  Car accidents, domestic abuse, alcohol, drugs, blunt objects, accidents around the home and even medical procedures each kill more per year than “assault weapons”.  

Out of all the ways people die, focusing on “assault weapons” will have the smallest effect on saving lives, but the biggest effect on disarming citizens.

Of the 20 million plus AR-15’s owned in America, less than 0.004% are used in mass shootings, yet they want to take ALL 20 million away from law abiding citizens, and claim it is to “save the children” when they simply want to disarm the public so we can never resist any bullshit freedom-killing law they dream up.

The prior assault weapon ban did not reduce crime, murder or mass murder AT ALL, per their own federally ordered study on the law.  Claims to the contrary are lies.

The majority of mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones, precisely because criminals know they will face defenseless victims, and the government does nothing to protect these areas other than place a stupid sign.  

States like California that have all their wish list of unconstitutional gun control laws like assault weapon bans, magazine bans, permits to buy a gun, waiting periods, universal checks and more ACTUALLY have more homicides and mass shootings than those who respect the 2nd amendment.  This is an incontrovertible fact.  It is also obvious why: evil people intent on harming others would rather face defenseless victims than conduct an attack where chances are high their intended targets will be armed an able to fight back.  

Gun control does nothing to hinder criminals.  All it does is disarm citizens and make them easy targets, targets the government does not even try to protect.  

No area should be designated a gun free zone unless it has controlled access with metal detectors and is additionally protected with roaming armed guards to provide security to those in the area.  Instead, they place a few signs and nothing more. Government has to take responsibility for defending those inside if it wants to prevent people from protecting themselves. Safety inside the zone has to be guaranteed to the extent that failure to provide it results in prison time for the government official who designated it a gun free zone, in order to legitimately ask citizens to disarm to enter the zone.