Dystopian World

April 2023

Bottom line up front: the US dollar is about to lose its vaunted reserve currency status as BRICS countries and others abandon the petrodollar (USD) to begin aggressive trade in the yuan, and membership is growing. The Fed is rolling out their FEDNOW instant transaction service in April (full access comes in July for the public), which will require digital ID to access. A keystoke will shift from sending USD through the banking system to fedbux CBDC’s, as the dollar crashes and is replaced via unconstitutional executive order. Details below sound like a dystopian fiction; unfortunately, it looks like what our corrupt gov has planned.

CBDC and Digital ID are the end of privacy and financial freedom. Followed by their loss will be freedom of movement, personal choice, freedom of speech, ability to defend yourself and loved ones, etc.

US banks have no reserves, but they do have unknown trillions in hidden debts from bad trades and derivatives, and more will fail no matter what the Federal Reserve does. Hyperinflation and bank runs are in our future, whether because of that financial mismanagement or losing reserve currency status and longstanding petrodollar dominance. The move to replace the USD with CBDC will be presented as the gov swooping in to save us, right when prices for food and fuel are skyrocketing, and people are scared out of their minds.

This will all start with the next financial crisis. We have already seen the biggest bank failures in history this year, the definition of a “recession” reimagined (two negative quarters have already passed- we are in a recession), and the federal reserve lose control of inflation and the economy at large. The federal funds rate is at a sixteen year high, and it isn’t wrangling the inflation back to manageable levels. We will see more bank failures, bank runs, social unrest, hyperinflation, supply chain collapse and mass hysteria, and that’s when Biden’s handlers will have him pitch the “solution to all our woes”.

“CBDC is safe,” he’ll say. “The bank won’t fail, because the federal reserve cannot fail. Your transactions will be safer and faster. Payments will be instant. Financial crimes and fraud will be impossible. There will be no bank runs, because you cannot withdraw CBDC (it can only go from one Federal Reserve account to another, not to a “cold wallet”, and there is no physical equivalent like cash). Speaking of cash, and current account balances, that’ll all be converted by end of week to an appropriate amount of CBDC. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about the exchange rate of USD to CBDC. It will be fair- promise. Just be sure to deposit any cash before Friday at Midnight, or it will have no value at all come Saturday.”

Then he’ll smile and claim “the full faith and credit of the United States will not be questioned. We are the wealthiest country in the history of earth, our economy is booming, we’re creating millions of jobs with living wages, and I’m having ice cream to celebrate. No joke.” Biden will slowly shuffle away from the podium, extend his arm and try to shake the hands of imaginary people who only he can see. Eventually Jill will chase him down with an admonishment that it’s time to change his diaper.

The Federal Reserve, Presidents and Congress created the problem, and cannot be trusted to solve it. CBDC isn’t anything but a new form of fiat currency that enables absolute centralized control. Their so-called solution of CBDC destroys financial freedom, eliminates privacy and reduces citizens to slaves. The government will see every transaction, and deny any purchase or payment which they don’t want you to make in real time (examples: guns, gas, meat, political donation, internal combustion engine truck, etc).

Instant capability to freeze your account for protesting or other undesirable or subversive behavior will far exceed what Canada did to the truckers. Trudeau had to ask the banks to lock accounts, rather than flip the switch himself. Federal departments like the IRS will instantly debit your account for fines, taxes, or fees they decide to assess, without your permission. You won’t be able to contest it. Sell something at a garage sale and the IRS will instantly assess the profits and tax, then debit your account. The speed camera you didnt see will autofine you.

The feds will share this power with state and corporate “partners”, so your parking tickets will also be instantly debited from your fed wallet/cbdc account… as will business fees. Don’t pay your water bill on time with an automated ACH and the city will just seize the payment along with whatever fine they decide to hit you with. If the Dems have their way, criticizing Dementia Joe, Bucktooth AOC or Sheila Jackson Lee will ALSO get you an insta-fine.

They will additionally program the “money” to expire in some instances, or only be good for certain types of products, and limit how much can be spent on food, transportation, entertainment or any other category. Your savings and checking accounts will have negative interest rates assigned if the economy starts cooling off, and it will shrink by the day to encourage spending and “a healthy economy”. On the other side, if the federal reserve thinks inflation is rising too fast, your account will be throttled, interest rates rise, and your daily spending will be limited. They will say it is in your best interest to keep your money in your account, where it can grow, and they will force you to do so.

Your insurance will go up when they see your purchases of alcohol and processed foods, and that premium increase will be auto-deducted from your account. Of course information about you will be shared with government-partnered companies. It is for your own good, according to bureaucrats. Meat will be rationed to save the earth from cow farts … and to manage your cholesterol, or some bullshit like that. The access to your personal info and every aspect of your life will be exploited to the fullest extent by the government-corporate partnership. True fascism will be achieved via CBDC.

The government will depend on society accepting all this like sheep. Companies benefitting from access to your info will praise the system and pitch how “great” life will be thanks to CBDC. Don’t buy their BS. Refuse to comply. Trade goods and services if it comes down to it, rather than granting them total control. Demand physical money that can be used anonymously. As the Constitution guarantees, only Congress can coin money… so demand metal coins! Refuse to sign up for a digital ID. Do not consent to biometrics.

People will have no choice- their assets in banks will be converted… and rather than lose all of it, most will be happy to retain any buying power. They won’t be given access to their government-created accounts at the reserve unless they submit to a digital ID. As with Social Security numbers, they will be lied to, told it is only for the one purpose of accessing their account. But within weeks, they won’t be able to get a doctor’s appointment, sign into their phone, access the internet and email, start their electric vehicle or get any government benefit without their digital ID. The only thing that won’t require the ID is voting.

There is plenty more info on CBDC, digital ID and the Great Reset, here and all over the web. Educate yourself about it, how to resist or stop it, and become independent of the system. Decide what assets and supplies and investments you need and secure them before 07/23. The next financial crisis can happen anytime thereafter, on its own or with help from bureaucrats.