CBDC & Vaccination Passports

Digital ID and CBDC are the greatest threats to liberty in living memory… this is the hill to die on.

The TLDR (too long didn’t read) quick & dirty version:

The U.S. and governments of the G20 are launching the ultimate population control system. The combination of digital vaccine passports & CBDC (central bank digital currency) will allow the government to literally de-person you, like Sandra Bullock in “The Net”. This is how freedom dies, if we let it.  Once they have these tools in place, our world and lives will change overnight. Virtual imprisonment will just require a keystroke.

The government will be able to instantly suspend or terminate your access to and use of:
-money/all financial accounts; 
-health insurance, doctors, prescriptions, surgeries;
-drivers license and car insurance;
-cell phones;
-all social media accounts, chat apps, and internet connections;
-travel by plane & ability to cross borders.

CBDC & Digital ID’s would make us all prisoners. We need to prevent both; stop Biden and Congress from launching them. If they ignore our petitions, accelerate. Occupy the federal reserve and congressional offices, both in Washington, D.C. and throughout the states. Organize and conduct citywide and then nationwide general labor strikes, as well as industry-specific walkouts. Pause tax payments and shut down D.C. with a 10-million person sit-in, etc. Prevent movement, disrupt and obstruct.  If digital passports and CBDC are established, liberty ceases to exist. So does privacy.

In May of 2021, the Biden administration announced their definitive stance on federal vaccine passports: “The government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential,” former Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. “There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.” Joe made the same promise repeatedly from his basement, where he hid throughout his so-called campaign.

Yet at a G20 Summit in Bali on November 16, 2022, Joe Biden betrayed America. Biden and the other G20 presidents signed an international declaration, agreeing to force their citizens to:

1) inject whatever the WHO claims is a “vaccine” into their bodies, 
2) secure a digital passport/ID, which will be used to control them,
3) forego freedom of movement unless they submit to both 1 & 2 above.

No United States president has such authority over citizens: they can neither take our freedom, make us take a drug, nor surrender sovereignty to an international group.

Requiring ineffective mRNA injections for a virus with a 97.5% survival rate and an accompanying digital ID/ “vaccination” passport for international travel is merely step one.  Step two will be requiring both for U.S. government employees and contractors.  Step 3 will be for beneficiary recipients, from Social Security and Disability to Medicare and Food Stamp or EBT recipients. Step 4 will be “if it saves just one life” propaganda and nudge campaigns, demanding everyone remaining secure one of these SMART Health cards, or whatever they call them at the time.

That is, unless America experiences a “new Covid-19 variant” and the various city, state and federal governments seek to force lockdowns again. Remember that bars, restaurants and even grocery stores in some states were requiring the SMART health cards, scannable QR codes, or other certificates that provided proof of “vaccination” just to enter their premises. Now that the G20 are demanding them for international travel, that may very well return with a Wooflu scare. Everyone will immediately be coerced into downloading a digital ID/ vax passport (and getting the jab or booster #infinity).

“Safety”, “security” and “protection” will be parroted in their sales pitches until the words have lost all meaning, either to prove your identity or your vaccination status. A Digital ID will soon also be required to open a CBDC account, to activate your cell phone, access the internet, log into social media, access bank and other retirement accounts, secure insurance, etc, replacing your social security number “to prevent identity theft.” And with every new account tied to your unique Digital ID, the database will capture more data exclusive to you, building a profile for the unholy alliance of government and corporations.

At the same time as the Digital ID/Vax passport is rolling out, or shortly thereafter, the misnamed “Federal” Reserve will be soliciting citizens to open newly available accounts, offering incentives such as 250 credits for individuals and 1000 for businesses. These accounts won’t deal in U.S. dollars (Federal Reserve Debt Notes), but Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a brand new form of currency that as of this writing in November 2022 has no established value.

The government is presenting CBDC to the public as if it is just another crypto coin, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Crypto such as Bitcoin are decentralized, unaffiliated with any government, and exempt from government control. Crypto coin value is determined by supply and demand, as buyers and sellers negotiate trades. CBDC’s on the other hand are centralized, issued at the behest of governments by their central banks, banks which program their value, track them, and control how and where they can be used, in addition to what they can be used to purchase, and even expiration dates.

The U.S. dollar will likely still be in circulation during the rollout of CBDC’s, but the intention of governments around the world is to move to cashless societies. For examples and more information, see here. And here. Governments claim the move is solely for the benefit of citizens, to fight money laundering, theft, the drug trade, human trafficking and other crimes. In fact, ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the populace is their primary goal. Recognizing this, one Representative has already proposed a law to block the Federal Reserve’s plans.

Every single transaction will process from one account in a central bank to another. It will either be approved or denied at the government’s discretion. It will be recorded in the ledger and tied to both parties. It will be a taxable event, with taxes processed instantaneously at the moment of the transaction, eliminating the collection of sales tax by vendors. Suspicious transactions would be blocked and require additional information to be approved. When organizations under investigation are classified as terrorists, insurgents or drug cartels, their accounts will be locked, all currency seized, and further transactions denied. If a product or service is banned by regulation or an act of Congress (ex- firearms), no further sales will be processed. There will be no private, unrecorded or anonymous transactions. They will have ceased to exist.

And then once enough people are coerced into opening CBDC accounts, they will kill the USD. Biden will likely make an announcement on a Friday evening, informing the public that the faith and credit of the United States may not be questioned (and other platitudes), and that the dollar will be converted at 12 to 1 to a federal reserve digital currency. We will be told all cash must be converted by end of week or it will become worthless. 

If we the People allow the U.S. government to create a digital ID system and replace the U.S. dollar with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), privacy and freedom will be reduced to relics of the past. The systems will record every event in your profile, and have the ability to deny transactions you wish to process, or suspend access based on your social profile. In fact, there are plans to track people’s “individual carbon footprint” based on travel, gas purchases, energy bills, and food choices when grocery shopping. Those who exceed a standard carbon allotment will suffer fines or compulsory purchase of additional carbon credits. Australia is testing such a system now, under a voluntary basis. Can you imagine choosing to engage in such insanity?

What will life be like under these new systems? If you have a garage sale, the money you get for all that junk will be assessed for taxes, at the time of the transaction. It will be assumed you don’t have receipts from when you bought that old lawnmower, toys and gym equipment, so the cost basis will be considered zero, the entire sum viewed as profit, and taxed accordingly.  Your gasoline and meat purchases will be limited to protect the environment.  Guns are icky and you can’t buy them anymore.  You want to donate to who?  Oh, no, that group has just been determined to be white nationalist bigots!  Sorry, why don’t we just send that money to democrats instead?  (Like the crowdfunding company did to people who tried to donate to the Canadian truckers). Should you criticize the government, misgender someone, or attend the wrong protest, boom, access to your phone and internet are suspended. Along with your bank account and access to all of your money. Cancel culture 2.0.

Canada has already suspended bank account access and car insurance for truckers who protested in the Freedom Convoy in January and February 2022, along with anyone who donated as little as $5 to their cause! Brazil is currently seizing bank accounts of government dissenters. And neither have direct access the way a digital ID and central bank account provide. A social credit system is even now being created: your entire life on file for review and scoring. The government and corporations know more and more about what you spend money on, who you associate with, and what you think. Soon it will be used against you, more than just to manipulate you into spending money or voting a certain way. Facebook proved both were possible simply by altering news feeds and what was displayed.

The collapse of the democrats’ #2 donor, Sam the crook of FTX, will be used as the excuse to regulate bitcoin and all other crypto coins to death, eliminating competition as the fed launches the crypto dollar, their CBDC.  Which of course requires an account with the federal reserve, which will require the digital ID/vax passport.

Question: Is this legal? Do the president or Congress have Constitutional authority to force vaccines and CBDC on us?

Answer: In terms of legality regarding CBDC, only Congress can coin money, but they have to use something physical we can hold in our hands, per the Constitution.  Note “weights and measures”…

Article I, Section 8, Clause 5:
The Congress shall have Power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.

Knowing it is unconstitutional won’t stop our government. When Congress started issuing paper currency, the excuse was that it was backed by silver and gold, and it even said so, right on the bill. “Silver Certificate.” You can stroll into any bank you like and get your silver and gold coins, they said.

Then they moved off the gold standard, and our fiat currency is now backed by nothing, other than the “full faith and credit” of the US government, “which shall not be questioned.” You can’t exchange a federal reserve note for anything physical at the Fed. So while the move from paper currency to non-physical digital currency is entirely unlawful, illegitimate, and we can sue, it likely wont stop them: it didn’t in the past.

As for the legality of digital ID’s slash vaccination passports, no one can force you to apply for one. SMART Health Cards and other versions are being created and offered to the public even now. Bill Gates is pushing his own ID system in India. People who refuse to get them there are shut out of society: they cannot shop, apply for benefits, or even register their kids in school without the biometric ID or QR code. Lawsuits will be filed, but that doesn’t prevent suffering and death in the meanwhile.

How do we stop this?

We cannot rely on the Constitution to protect us. The founding document that created the federal government is unfortunately ignored by whoever at the time is president, by Congress and by the courts. Of course lawsuits will be filed if the government goes this route, but We the People must act immediately and with overwhelming conviction.

This is the hill.  This is the line that must not be crossed.

This is how freedom dies.  If we let it. If we submit to usurpers.

We need to occupy the fed, congressional offices, conduct a city-wide and then nationwide labor strike, industry-specific strikes such as farming and trucking, a tax revolt, shut down DC with a 10 million person sit-in, etc. We must unite as a nation and disrupt their agenda.  If they proceed with digital passports and CBDC, we are prisoners and slaves.

The public should also coordinate with the banking system.  The plan by the WEF, Globalists, Biden and Dems is to create a central bank digital currency for each country, so for the US it would be a federal reserve coin, a digital dollar, and as such all current banks would be left high and dry.  They’d be closed for business!

In fact, Biden’s Communist-born-and-educated first pick to run the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (banking oversight) freely stated she wanted to close all private banks in America, with the Federal Reserve taking over all savings and checking accounts. In addition, she planned to nationalize numerous private businesses, and had Maxine Waters propose a new department exempt from Congressional and executive oversight, to spend tax dollars as it saw fit. More here, and here.

Banks may help the People fight the gov’s push to end the dollar/ physical currency.  And they have quite a bit of pull and power. Unless the government nationalizes them, or utilizes them as federal reserve nodes, or the like, co-opting them for ease of transition.

“Programmable US dollars may be necessary to support new business models and provide a foundation to much-needed innovations in financial settlements and infrastructure,” Tony McLaughlin, managing director for emerging payments and business development at Citigroup’s treasury and trade solutions division, said in a statement recently. So maybe banks are already in on it and working with the government. Money isn’t programmed: it can be exchanged for anything.  Coupons are programmed, only to be exchanged for specific things, with strict restrictions.  And expiration dates…

What Americans need to say is “Fuck that noise.  Take your digital “Biden Bux” and shove it.”