How to survive what’s coming… and what is coming?

Everyone is getting fired up about Ukraine one way or the other these days, pushing for or against US action, which is the very intention of the media, politicians and Dementia Joe’s handlers. “Look over there! Russia bad, Ukraine good!” they say, to keep us from even thinking about the fact our own government has been stomping on the Bill of Rights for years, directly attacking freedom and independence while violating the rule of law. To add insult to injury, the government has printed 80% of all US dollars in existence in just the last 22 months, driving up inflation and thereby destroying our purchasing power and the value of your hard earned savings.

Many people will be taken totally off guard by what is coming, because they are being distracted by Russia’s war on Ukraine, or still caught up in fear over Covid. Most governments in the West have admittedly been moving to reset their financial systems and “build back better”, going so far as to openly using the jargon & catch phrases of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. Read more about that here, here and here. Governments are not hiding their intentions, but they are distracting the public with one emergency after another, and using the chaos to cause more and more pain, so eventually people will beg the government for a fix… a fix for the very problems the corrupt governments created. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Here is another distraction: “Biden’s sweeping ban on Russian oil and gas has prompted liberals to argue that he should further extend his executive powers and declare a national climate emergency (and advance the Green New Deal through executive order). In the past week, op-eds in the Nation and the Hill have argued that Biden should make use of the National Emergencies Act and the Defense Production Act to aggressively regulate the supply and demand of U.S. energy and move the nation off fossil fuels,” states an article on Free Beacon. What would that look like? Limiting who can drive and why? Fuel rations? Mandatory solar energy? Making everything EVER MORE EXPENSIVE AND PAINFUL! And simultaneously enriching China, which controls the majority of materials used to produce solar panels.

American citizens are being riled up so we do not consider what our own government is doing to us.  Does it matter what happens half way around the world, if we lose our freedom? If we are forced into serfdom? That is what life will be, saddled with a digital ID, a social credit score and a new federal reserve digital currency.

All these global issues, chaos, and financial pain here at home will continue to build to a crescendo, and after serving as distractions will ultimately be used as an excuse for a currency reset, preceded by hyperinflation, and possibly coinciding with the seizure of assets, nationalizing of industry, or confiscation of gold and precious metals.

If you aren’t aware, this has happened in the past. For example, the federal government forced citizens and corporations to hand over all their gold coins and bullion in exchange for paper money at vastly undervalued rates in 1933. This was after the president illegally closed banks for a number of days to prevent citizens from withdrawing their money. Americans were told they must accept as money whatever the government told them to accept, and at whatever rate they were told to accept it. Requiring gold as payment was outlawed, as was private gold ownership. It happened before and can happen again.

The US dollar is going to crash. Every fiat currency does eventually, and every crash is preceded by profligate printing of money, as we are now seeing. It could be this year, or next year. It is possible the crash is somehow delayed, but that seems unlikely based on active means to replace it that are already in motion with Biden’s executive order on exploring a federal crypto currency. We will experience massive hyperinflation, with the cost of food, gas, everything skyrocketing, and as a result the public may just lose their shit. We are seeing catalytic converters cut from cars and gas tanks drilled now, in March of 2022, so what will people do when gas hits $8 from its current $4.75?

Biden will likely make an announcement on a Friday evening, informing the public that the faith and credit of the United States may not be questioned (and other platitudes), and that the dollar will be converted at 12 to 1 to a federal reserve digital currency. We will be told all cash must be converted by end of week or it will become worthless. The pain and chaos will have been so great, many will embrace this betrayal, this unconstitutional theft of our earnings.

What will happen next? No one knows or can say. But we can look to past financial and global resets for clues (they are tied together, for as one nation’s currency declines, another ascends, and so do the countries themselves in status and power). The wars and depressions and riots and authoritarian clamp downs on society that accompanied past resets can be anticipated, and in doing so we can attempt to mitigate that risk and pain. At best, there will just be some shortages in the stores, and limited access to foods, which our preps below handle for you. At worst it’s utter mayhem, which our preps below set you up to weather.

Those who are prepared will do more than survive.

Digital ID is going to play a big role in government’s attempts to control the public during this time, something we will all have to rebel against at every step of implememtation. Whether presented as a vaccine passport or QR code or a digital ID, they are all the same, and you should refuse to get one.

The entire world saw what Canada did to peaceful protestors, freezing bank accounts and canceling insurance without charges even being filed. That was just a trial run, a test of how western governments would treat those who oppose government mandates. We need to be ready to offset the effects of being Un-personed/ cancelled by the unified force of government and corporations working together to punish those who have the temerity to resist, who are guilty of the crime of dissenting, who refuse to be herded like sheep as their freedom is stolen.

  • Don’t keep all your cash in the bank, where it is subject to a bank “holiday” (limited or no access to funds) or “haircut” (where a certain amount or percentage is simply appropriated aka stolen from you).
  • Have a decent amount of cash on hand to purchase necessities and pay for living expenses such as food, gas, car payments and mortgage should ATM’s and your bank restrict access. (Remember, just because banks are closed doesn’t mean lenders won’t demand payment.)
  • Buy locally, in cash, to support local businesses that share your values. Contact manufacturers directly for expensive or large purchases if local shops don’t carry what you need. Don’t allow banks and the government to track your purchase history.
  • Pay off your debt. Ideally you will have paid off your mortgage and vehicle loans as well as all credit card debt. (Some believe it is wise to maximize credit card and other debt, thinking a currency reset will diminish that debt, but others and I myself believe the government will convert those debts to the new currency in a manner to ensure the banks are protected and profit).
  • Other large sums of cash and savings should be converted to gold and/or silver bullion (rounds, coins and bars), land, houses, and other commodities (goods that hold value and can be resold). Don’t put it all in “one basket”, in case the government decides to seize one form (gold) or another (land). Take physical possession of any gold or silver (Don’t accept certificates, but actual physical coins or bars) and secure it.
  • Stockpile shelf-stable food and water, medicines, emergency first aid supplies, cleaning agents, toiletries/ personal hygiene and sanitation, and basic life necessities for 6+ months per person.
  • Secure parts to repair and maintain critical items as you deem fit (think firearms, vehicles, heating/cooling/refrigeration, cooking). Ensure multiple backup methods to cook food and boil water are in place (camp stove, propane grill, charcoal grill).
  • Maintain a sufficient supply of ammunition for normal practice as well as for hunting and self-defense for 6 months or more, assuming resupply will be impossible. And practice!
  • Purchase items you normally would, but proactively. Example, for shoes and boots that you might need to replace in six months, purchase them now, and maybe even another set. Don’t buy anything you won’t eventually use no matter what happens.
  • Consider hardening your home. Doors and windows can be made significantly more secure, by adding better locks, bars, or screens that resist cutting (up to and including hurricane or bullet proof screens). Glass at ground level can be improved with security film application. Closed circuit cameras are relatively cheap and easy to install. There are countless ways to make a home less attractive as a target, and increase the time and effort required to gain access.
  • Should a massive cyber attack such as WEF is warning/predicting occur, utilities (water, phones, electric, natural gas and oil) could be shut down as well as banks. Plan for it.
  • Secure alternate forms of communication for family and loved ones. There is a decent offering, from Citizens Band radios to HAM setups, Satellite Phones, basic Baofeng, etc. Needs dictate range, capability and expense. Have a means of communicating with them over a distance, even using others as relays, and consider creating a plan to meet at a certain location should phones fail.
  • Buy and fill a few 5 gallon Jerry cans of gas for your vehicles. Treat with STA-BIL stabilizer or rotate monthly.
  • Do not participate in vaccination passports, SMART Health Card programs,, biometric ID’s, etc, that will be offered as tools “to empower individuals, grant them control over their medical records, secure their identity for banking and government benefits” and so on. They need 100% compliance for their digital ID system to work. Don’t participate!
    And finally…
  • Do not advertise, make social media posts or openly talk about any preparations you have made. Should the worst occur, your preparation to endure and thrive in a challenging environment will make you a target for those that did not. As far as the world is concerned, you have two days of food in the pantry, and wish you had a cash in your wallet, a generator, freshwater well, livestock, etc. Complain about how hard it is, and commiserate, while stating you’re just gonna do your best to survive with what little you have. “Probably less than you” is the answer to every question about what you have.

Serious Considerations…

Rough times and social upheaval could last a few days or months. World War III could kick off for all we know, as wars often accompany shifts in reserve currency status and global power realignments. If you have organized and planned with extended family or a support group to weather the chaos, you are more likely to do so successfully, as one man or family cannot address all challenges alone. Know that if others outside your group, or outside your family unit if you have no group, discover your assets, through loose lips, bragging, idle conversation, gossip or even good Christian charity, the chances are enormous that word will spread.

People will ask for help and assistance, and if any is provided, they will expect, and then demand that it continue. They will enlist others to pressure you and even attempt to take from you by force whatever they think they need or want. If it comes to starving, or seeing their family members in need, people will resort to almost anything. Scratch that: they WILL resort to anything. So know that by even assisting someone one time, you are placing you future safety in their hands, and likely adopting all their needs for the duration.

Being forced to defend your supplies and your very life by force is almost certain. Desperate people do desperate things, and those who are already criminals and practiced in violence will not hesitate to take advantage of lawlessness.

An simplified way to think about it is the following: it isn’t yours if you can’t defend it.

A final thought…

Don’t spend money on anything you won’t use down the road regardless of what happens, and hopefully I am wrong. Hopefully, the occupier of the White House suddenly finds God, redeems himself for all his corrupt and evil ways, and gets right to work with the House and Senate… to bring the US government back into compliance with the Constitution. They might even abolish unconstitutional laws and agencies, and respect the second amendment all of a sudden… But I doubt it.