More Chaos

Never let a crisis go to waste, said every wanna-be dictator. In April 2022, we currently have 40-year record high inflation, record high gas and food prices, record busting vehicle prices, unmitigated disaster at the border with 2+ million illegals per year invading the country, and what does Congress do? Do they pass some bills to open up leases for oil or approve pipelines Dementia Joe cancelled? Nope, Pelosi and the traitors pass a bill to make marijuana legal! Make sure the serfs can get high, and they won’t care about all the pain!

And what is Dementia Joe’s focus? Aside from calling for Putin to be removed from power and almost setting off WW3, Biden is most concerned with trying to bring charges against Trump for Jan 6! 2020! For what “progressives” and lame stream media still claim was “an insurgency”.

There was no Insurgency. The treasonous democrats who stole the election and installed a corrupt pedo in the White House sure wanted one, though! Not a single protestor was charged with a firearm crime, though, because they didn’t bring any. If they were trying to overthrow the gov and hold reps and senators responsible for crimes, don’t you think they’d have brought their guns? Did they just forget them at home?

Pelosi denied multiple requests for national guard and additional police at the Capital, and the fbi instigated the breach and riot, in addition to capital police opening the doors and welcoming protestors into the Capital in an attempt to create chaos.

The democrats did all they could to spark mayhem, because they WANTED Jan 6 to be a “controlled insurrection“.  They wanted it to be so much worse than it was, in order to give them an excuse to arrest all political opposition, disarm the public, and provide 24/7 security to themselves (to protect themselves from the People who rightly detest the corrupt traitors).

With Democrats stealing the election, there really should have been massive and uncontrollable unrest nationwide.   But there wasn’t.

The fact there wasn’t, paired with the compliance on covid lockdowns and masking mandates DEMONSTRATES that this country is on its last legs.  It’s possible there aren’t enough Patriots left… or enough with the integrity and bravery to make a difference (and save America).

If that wasn’t bad enough, Biden, his handlers and the treasonous DHS Secretary have opened the border and are doing all they can to change the demographics of America, replacing the current electorate with a compliant one from 3rd world countries.

42 MILLION want to immigrate to America, just from Latin America and the Caribbean, and they don’t care about immigration laws.  When Gallup polls the entire world, the figure skyrockets to over 152 MILLION that plan to relocate to the USA as soon as border controls are relaxed. And they will come, knowing all the free stuff is waiting for them: $70,000+ taxpayer-funded medical, education, food and rent assistance each, for all the millions of fraudulent asylum seekers and the 3% legit refugees alike… and even if they break the land of milk and honey’s back, it will still be better than the shit hole they came from!

We are intentionally being overrun and demographically replaced with illiterate and unskilled foreign national invaders.

These people flooding into the country are accustomed to authoritarian and physically abusive governments, which is why the Democrats want them.  Democrats can treat them like shit, and it will still be 100 times better than what they are used to, and so they will vote democrat just because they know democrats opened the border for them and showered them with “free stuff”.

Democrats cannot remain in power nor institute their authoritarian rule over the country without replacing the electorate.  So that’s what the evil, corrupt and treasonous democrats are doing.

Even legacy media have sounded the alarm, knowing a nation without borders is no nation at all, and that 18,000 ILLEGALS PER DAY are expected to invade starting May 23rd, the day DHS Mayorkas treasonously announced he will end even the pretense of border controls.

More and more chaos! Over 500,000 per month invading, adding the equivalent of Atlanta’s population each month, not even attempting to deny entry or fulfill the Constitutional REQUIREMENTS to protect the states against invasion. No, this corrupt, deviant and treasonous administration is using citizens’ hard-earned money, confiscated via taxes, to fund the very same invasion!

There is no where for the illegals to go: no houses or apartments are waiting for them (unless the plan is to place them in Blackrock-owned homes with rent being paid by the taxpayers), and they have no money anyway, so crime will spike, and citizens will add this to the ever-growing list of pain, financial hardship and suffering, not to mention food shortages, which a flood of illegals will exacerbate.

Food shortages were a thing already thanks to supply chain debacles, ships backed up at harbors, and Mayor Pete’s incompetence. Now with Ukraine and Russia at war, the top two producers of wheat in the world aren’t producing wheat. The war is also preventing fertilizer from being shipped, which results in poor crop harvests. And now Biden makes the food crisis worse by mandating 15% ethanol gas for the summer. All these factors together create the potential for empty grocery shelves around the 4th of July, or food so pricey people can’t afford to eat well, and that’s likely when the currency will be reset. And the digital ID required.

The rule of law is dead, and we are living in a Post-Constitutional United States of America.

We have an illegitimate fraud installed in the presidency, who happens to be a pedo, traitor and felon multiple times over, and thanks to dementia has the cognitive functions of a potato. We have a Congress that hasn’t even bothered to pass the legally mandated budget appropriations bills in over a decade, and which instead approves unconstitutional laws without even reading the bills before voting. We have a totally politicized DOJ that targets those who support the Constitution and rule of law, and a Department of Homeland “Security” that uses tax dollars confiscated from citizens to fund the invasion of foreign nationals, in direct violation of immigration law and Article Four, Section Four of the Constitution.

The only way the corrupt and criminal elements working within the bureaucracy of the federal government will be held accountable is by We the People rising up to do it.

The politicians, bureaucrats, courts and agencies of the federal government will continue to abuse their authority and violate both the Constitution and our civil rights until We the People physically stop them.