Mass Shootings

Notice: updates will occur frequently… democrats say a bunch of stupid things, and lie their asses off every time there is a shooting hyped by the media.

Mass shootings are the direct result of evil, societal collapse, moral relativity, increasing dependence on psychotropic drugs, identity politics fueling the fires of hate, the intentional breakdown of the family, social media … and the department of MIS-education. Each is a contributing factor. Each shooting features one or more of the above, front and center.

How do we as a society stop mass shootings? That’s the million dollar question, and the answer is … we cannot. It is pointless to claim we can, to deny evil exists, or blow smoke; and in all honesty, at best we may reduce their frequency.

New laws aren’t the answer. Nor are bans or waiting periods or registrations or red flag orders. Each is introduced as “a good start”, “the next step”, or some similar cliche, but there is never a finish line… the authoritarian gun grabbers will never have done “enough” and will always “need to do more” or “finish the work”. They will not be satisfied until they control every aspect of citizens’ lives, and guns are legally restricted to none but police and approved government agents. Yet the reality is that criminals would still gain access to guns, just as they import thousands of tons of drugs each year. Citizens would be reduced to being defenseless victims, at the mercy of violent thugs, unable to protect themselves, thanks to gun grabbers and their “common sense gun safety laws”.

We already have 23,000 federal & state gun laws (which obviously don’t work), and we can add another thousand, but we would be no closer to a solution. Murder is illegal. That doesn’t stop these people from killing, and neither will laws outlawing murder with specific tools, or outlawing the tools themselves. The mass shooters (and the gang bangers, workers going “postal” and jilted lovers) will still get guns (or other weapons, from knives to acid- look up acid attacks in London), and will still kill. Just as certain, politicians will never tire of using atrocities as an excuse to foist new laws upon us, restricting freedom and and more severely controlling their subjects, um, servants, no– constituents!

Aside from not ending the bloodshed, there’s also the problem that all those gun laws are unconstitutional, since the founders ordered the government not to conduct any action infringing on citizens’ gun ownership or use/transport. Having just defeated and declared independence from the “biggest and baddest” military power in the world, our founders strove to create a government that would NEVER outgun the citizens it was instituted to serve.

Laws aren’t the solution. and guns aren’t the problem. We have had more guns than people for over 100 years, so if guns were the problem, we’d likely be extinct. Since the only way to prevent people from obtaining guns would be to literally destroy all of them, and all knowledge of how to make them, all over the world, we wont waste time trying.

People need to value life again, and once they do, this issue largely disappears. When you view life as sacred, no matter how much you may disagree with or even despise someone, you’re not going to kill them (unless they’re threatening to kill you), and you’re not gonna forfeit your life for the opportunity.

Religion comes into play, something that has been targeted for scorn by media and governments of late, to bring values and respect for life back. Religion teaches ethics, morality, and respect for others. Healthy family structure and actively raising children to value life is another obvious route. Broken homes are harder to raise healthy functioning morally upstanding young adults. The school system is currently a large part of the problem, as it breeds hate for others, self-hate, racism, sexual deviance and it also indoctrinates kids in socialism, so the educational system needs a massive tuneup.

We need to stop prescribing kids so many many drugs, and get them to limit social media, where dopamine levels get whacked, bullying occurs, comparison of lives leads to depression or anger, along with anonymity breeding bad behavior and trolling. Finally the politicians. If no meteor does us a favor, wiping out all the morally depraved, thoroughly corrupt, self-entitled assholes of the United States House & Senate, we will have to force them to be better behaved and better influencers on society, after we get fair elections back.

December 2023

Speaking of morally depraved, corrupt assholes, Dementia Joe just tried to angrily lecture Americans about how he wants to ban the most popular rifle in the country, preventing citizens from effectively defending themselves, despite having no legal authority to do any such thing. That’s Joey’s delusional solution to a 67-year old professor that went postal and shot a handful of people WITH A PISTOL at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas yesterday, December 6, 2023.

The crooked geriatric has been protected by machine guns for 50 years as he sucked at the public trough, sold influence and took bribes, yet Biden wants to deny Americans even the ability to arm & defend themselves with semi-automatic rifles.
What a hypocritical piece of shit.
Biden whined, “Republican lawmakers must join with Democrats in Congress to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, pass a national red flag law, enact universal background checks, require the safe storage of guns, and advance other commonsense measures that will help stem the tide of gun violence.”

Joe’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and he is sun-downing earlier and earlier each day thanks to the dementia addling his brain, but really, calling for a ban on rifles after a bitter professor shot off his pistol… his PISTOL… for being denied a job makes no sense… nor do any of his other demands. The guy bought his pistol LEGALLY, passing a background check when he did, 18 months ago. Universal background checks, like an assault weapon ban and magazine ban, would not have prevented this horrible act. And those aren’t the only problems with Joe’s gun grabbing agenda.

Besides doing nothing to prevent mass shootings, multiple courts (including the Supreme Court) have repeatedly stated that the government has no legal power to ban an entire class of firearms that are in common use by citizens. Americans own more AR-15’s than Ford Rangers, upwards of 24 million, putting them firmly in the “common use” category. Considering they’re the most popular rifle in the country, and the same goes for the 125 million standard capacity magazines that feed them, no ban can be passed.

Not only would bans failed to have prevented this shooting, but even if they were legal, bans would only affect a tiny fraction of annual murders. Consider the fact that all types of rifles combined (including AR’s & AK’s) are used in less than 400 murders per year. Pistols on the other hand are used in over 8,000 murders annually, and the majority of mass murders every year. Most mass murders don’t take place in schools or malls; they occur in inner cities, involve drug trafficking or other gang crime, and are carried out with pistols. So why on earth would you target rifles?

Don’t bother trying to ban pistols, either, since SCOTUS also already said government cannot ban pistols, as they are the prevalent choice of self-defense weapons for We the People.

The Red Flag laws Joey mentioned are unconstitutional as well, as they punish citizens without a crime even being committed! They lack due process, infringe on the 2nd, 4th and other amendments, and utterly fail to address any other weapons besides guns that a person possesses. Crossbows, swords, knives, motor vehicles, household products that can be combined to form explosives are all ignored, as are medications and alcohol. The subject remain in possession of numerous methods to harm themselves and others. Further, the target of a Red Flag raid isn’t even offered psychological help. Authorities break into their house and steal property, but don’t provide professional counseling or any help at all, and this is supposed to calm them down and prevent them going postal???

Next on the gun grabbers’ salad bar of demands is universal background checks, which cannot be enforced unless it is paired with universal registration, a policy outlawed by several acts of Congress. The federal government is forbidden from creating or keeping any national registry of firearms or firearm owners, for damn good reason, as every government in history that had access to a gun registry eventually attempted to confiscate those arms. California is already confiscating guns from state citizens who registered them, if they are prescribed certain medications or are found guilty of various crimes. So much for HIPPA and health privacy laws, huh?

Joey’s speech writers also had him demanding a gun storage law, either because they don’t know the Supreme Court ruled such requirements illegal and unconstitutional, right there in DC, or because they don’t care. Politicians insult our intelligence referring to “safe storage laws” and other gun control bills as “common sense”. What good is the right to bear arms if your guns must be unloaded and locked in a safe? When a vicious home invader breaks down your door and is inside your home, seconds later, screaming in your face, threatening you with his own weapon, are you supposed to ask him to wait a minute while you unlock the safe, locate your gun and then load it? Common sense says gun storage laws make your gun worthless, leaving you defenseless and a victim in waiting, as the courts agreed.

Talk about a complete lack of common sense, in each and every one of these gun-grabbing “demands”! Not a single one of Dementia Joe’s gun control proposals would disarm ANY criminals, lock them up or execute them for their heinous crimes, nor prevent them from adding to their pages-long wrap sheets, as Democrat soft-on-crime policies reward violent thugs with no cash bail, early release, dropped charges, equity enhancements and mitigation!

What those intellectually challenged gun control proposals would actually do is disarm law-abiding citizens who have not and will not rob, rape or murder anyone, turning them into defenseless victims, while emboldening, aiding and abetting the violent criminal class.

Currently, armed citizens use the firearms they legally purchased between 500,000 times and 3 million times per year to defend themselves from criminals out to rob, rape, assault or murder them. The CDC has tracked these defensive gun uses annually up until Joe Biden ordered them to stop last year! His puppet masters didn’t want the CDC publishing proof that citizens used guns to defend themselves and stop crime 50x as often as criminals used guns to commit crime!

If any of Joe’s unconstitutional and counterproductive proposals ever become law, citizens would be unable to defend themselves, and instead would be subjected to 500,000-3,000,000 new rapes, robberies and murders every year! If Joe and power hungry gun control zealots had their way, Americans would be brutalized.

So our answer to Joe and all the gun-grabbing authoritarians is:

FUCK OFF, you anti-American, dementia-addled imbecile! Hell No, we won’t allow you to ban jack shit, and any restriction or infringement you issue is just toilet paper to us. We created this free country by beating the crap out of a tyrannical government and declaring our independence when they tried to take our guns. And we swore we would do it again.”