Two Sides

There are two sides vying for control of America, and they are NOT the republican and democrat parties, which are simply two halves of a whole, a uni-party* that performs a kabuki theater *(more on that later). The two sides are Individualists & Authoritarians/Collectivists, opposing forces separated by irreconcilable differences.

Individualists believe in personal freedom, private property, limited government, law and order, the Constitution as written, natural (fundamental) rights, the family unit and self-reliance. They have no interest in controlling others, while Authoritarians/Collectivists want nothing less than to exert total domination: demanding compliance, absolute and unquestioned adherence to their ideology, as well as creating generational dependence. Collectivists don’t care about individuals and rights, but the supposed good of the whole. They will trample individuals metaphorically and physically, to further the goals of the group. The state owns and raises children, not the family, and all allegiance is owed to the state. Property is owned by the collective, not personally. (Meanwhile, there are a few “connected members” who enjoy the best of everything and are exempt from laws and rules exerted over the general populace).

Individualists will do all possible to protect and defend the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and equal application of justice under the Rule of Law, as these were all composed to celebrate and protect liberty and the individual. They just want to be left alone to live in freedom, determine their own destiny, to succeed or fail on their own. They want to cherish their own values and beliefs without ever trying to force them on others.

Authoritarians / collectivists will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, no matter how it violates the Constitution. They embrace socialism as a tool to achieve control. They do not recognize citizens’ rights and abhor free speech, the ability to assemble, to worship, to earn a living, and to protect and defend yourself, as these undermine their authority and ideology. When exercising their rights, people prove they do not need Authoritarians or their rules, and in fact thrive without them.

Authoritarians’ self-image and worth is tied up in the misplaced belief that they know best, and are the “elite”… better than everyone else. Tyrants therefore censor and oppress opposing ideas, ever fearful of being challenged and outed as weak or wrong, and they are only concerned with applying the law to their opponents, while giving their own side a pass. We see their multiple tiers of “justice” all the time, and how the “connected” are never held accountablefor their crimes.

In the simplest terms… There are two types of people in this world: People that want to be left alone & People that want to tell you what to do
. Because of this there will eventually ALWAYS be conflict.

Authoritarians lie and deceive, making false claims and offering false promises, being smart enough to realize no one would support them if they didnt. They don’t care if anyone else benefits from their policies, be it citizens or foreign nationals, just so long as they themselves prosper, and remain in power. Their ultimate goal is uncontested control of the country under their socialist & globalist ideology, with the United States’ sovereignty subjugated to an alliance of countries and corporations. Visit the World Economic Forum website and research their worldwide plans for a Great Reset to confirm this for yourself.

The problem Individualists have had is we honestly believed that republicans were on our side, and that only democrats were authoritarians. We were right about democrats, but republicans are just their controlled opposition, the second wing of the uni-party, whose goal is power and control. Republicans only win elections when allowed to win, to prevent the pot from boiling over and the frog from jumping out while it still has some life left in it.

The GOPe winning elections serves as a pressure release valve, to prevent rebellion and revolution. If democrats kept winning all the time, they would push the public too far, too fast, and end up hanging from lamp posts. 

To keep that from happening, approved members of controlled opposition (republicans) are permitted to gain seats of power, but not to shift the country back toward freedom. No, republicans never undo the damage, or advance freedom.

When republicans are in power, they just freeze or lock-in the socialist policies currently in place, prevent the rollback of lefty policies, and acclimate us to things like no cash bail, grooming kids, men playing women’s sports and sharing their rest rooms, open borders, 40 year high inflation and “tranny story hour”. The horrible policies of the authoritarians are thereby normalized, and become the jumping off point for the next time democrats take control.

There are only a handful of Constitutionalists in Congress. They support debate and absolute freedom of beliefs. They defend the right to believe whatever you want, but stand firm against forcing those beliefs on others. They will defend people’s rights to say and believe what they want, even when it offends them personally, while Authoritarians will shout down opposing ideas, use technology to censor them, and leverage the law against them.

We need to stop confusing the Republicans/GOP as Individualists/ Constitutionalists or “on our side”. ¬†They simply tell us what we want to hear in speeches for their campaigns, ¬†then their actions stab us in the back once in office. Tell us whatever it takes to get elected, promise action, then deliver nothing but excuses. Worse, they ALWAYS “mysteriously” end up working “across the aisle” to pass democrat-sponsored laws and spending bills, bills we oppose and that advance Authoritarian agendas. When the GOP are in power, at best the Authoritarian/democrat Ideology is slowed down, but it is never reversed. And as discussed already, that failure to do so ends up normalizing their gains, and the overton window thus keeps shifting to the Left.

Together, the DNC and GOP play the public like a fiddle.  They pit us against each other by pretending to be two separate teams, and appeal to humankind’s competitive nature. Then subdivide us with identity politics, constantly “dividing and conquering” based on race, sexual orientation, sex, economic status, age and religion. The media and hollyweird assist them in setting one group of us against the other, so no one ever looks up and sees the reality: that if anything, the “elected leaders” and their supposedly unique parties running the show are the real enemies of the people.

A simple story to illustrate politicians’ behavior:

Red and black ants will live peacefully together in a large glass jar, eating together, sleeping together, crawling all over each other.  

But shake that jar, and the ants will viciously attack, red ants killing black ones, and vice versa, ripping each other’s legs off with their mandibles, cutting into abdomens, an absolute killing frenzy. They never realize their enemy is the one shaking the jar.  

Our authoritarian politicians shake the jar by means of identity politics.  They divide us and set us upon each other, us vs them, right vs left, black vs white, rich vs poor, educated vs common sense. Their greatest fear is that we unite across races, classes and other demographics, and withdraw consent to be manipulated.

The events surrounding the 2020 election have opened the eyes of millions, putting the enemies of We the People on clear display. About 90% of the politicians currently seated are NOT on America’s side, as you can see by their votes and actions. They violated their oath to preserve and defend the Constitution. Most are Authoritarians. They reviolate their oaths regularly, such as when they vote on bills affecting 330 million people, and they haven’t even read what they are voting into law! That alone should be a hanging offense.

Many of our elected representatives and senators have been superb actors, able to fool the public & well deserving of an award, back when acting awards like Oscars $ Emmys ACTUALLY meant something (rather than being given to virtue signalers for “wokeness”) . America has witnessed these politicians drop the act, and when we actually saw into their souls, we found them black, vicious and wanting, desiring ever more power, and not giving a damn about the public they are meant to serve.

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