Gun “Control”

Every “gun control” law is an unconstitutional INFRINGEMENT that masquerades as a safety measure, basically a loss of freedom for empty promises of security. The purpose of gun control is not to reduce violence or crime, which could easily be achieved by harsher penalties for murder, robbery, etc, but to disarm the populace.

The government has been infringing on the right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms for over a hundred years, but really got going in 1934. As one can plainly see reading the Gun Law page, court decisions in the 1800’s clearly favored the citizens and their Constitutionally protected rights, as judges and politicians understood and respected the limitations set upon the government by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Not so today. Today judges are mostly hacks in black, activists pushing a “living document” ideology for the Constitution, and “reimagining” or making up the law as they desire.

The government these days uses every opportunity that arises to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms, heralding gun control as a national security issue, a public health issue, claiming gun crime is an epidemic. Pistols are used in 90% of murders, but authoritarians seek to ban AR15’s and other semi-automatic rifles, which are used in fewer than 400 murders annually. Knives, and even blunt objects are used more than rifles to commit murder, but rifles are targeted by gun grabbers, because tyrants fear oppressed citizens armed with rifles. So politicians ignore the 9,000 killed with pistols annually, and claim their newest proposal to ban semi-auto rifles will create “safety” and do what the previous 23,000+ laws on guns failed to do. It’s bullshit.

The fact of the matter is, gun control is not about reducing crime, or stopping murder and violence, but is only pursued to secure the government’s monopoly on violence. Politicians and bureaucrats want their agents and police to be the only ones ALLOWED to possess firearms; yes, their arrogance is so vast that they believe it’s within their power to ALLOW or FORBID the exercise of a basic and natural right. Authoritarians seek to disarm the public, desperately fearing the citizens they attempt to control. They realize absolute compliance is impossible when the People are armed. Witness the words of the fraudulently installed Joey Biden:

Biden, who has been protected by machine guns as well as semi-automatics for over 50 years, wants to deny citizens the ability to defend themselves with semi-automatics, which they do, between 2-3 million times per year. The 2nd amendment forbids government from infringing on the right to bear arms, a fact Biden apparently forgets. Dementia, and all…

If gun control’s purpose was fighting crime and murder, there would be no need for 23,000 laws on the books regarding firearms. The laws prohibiting murder, assault, and armed robbery would be strictly and harshly enforced, in other words, properly enforced to punish offenders. When criminals are held accountable with punishment, crime goes down. However, armed criminals such as murderers, rapists and thieves are almost never held strictly accountable, by design, and thus the problem remains, and they reoffend. (Example: Washington, DC U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves declined to prosecute 67 percent of criminals arrested by police officers in 2022, despite all of those types of crime increasing by between 19% and 110%!). These corrupt government policies predictably result in more crime, and thus provide the excuse to pass more new gun control laws. Gun grabbers also use the crime they refuse to punish as a reason to “close” so-called “loopholes” that bill sponsors intentionally refused to address in previous iterations. Loophole is their code word for “freedoms we haven’t yet infringed upon”.

Violence spreads, their plan works as intended, and the government keeps passing additional laws to chip away at citizens’ right to arms, slowly but surely disarming more and more Americans. The government uses “gun control” laws to turn the People it was created to serve into criminals themselves, should they retain their firearms, and defenseless victims if they comply with the newly passed and thoroughly unconstitutional laws.

And once citizens are completely disarmed, there will be no law, no insult, no infringement too severe, for the People will have no means to resist.

We the People will be reduced to slaves unless we fight these unconstitutional laws, regulations and policies. We must pre-empt them, overturn them, nullify them, and have their sponsors employment terminated, then ensure they never again serve in public office.

Non-compliance. Defiance. Resistance and rebellion. Nullification. Protests. (Don’t bother with ballot initiatives, as the elections are rigged and election boards ignore policies passed by state legislatures).