2022 Midterm Election

2022 is spoken out loud as “2020, too”

Like 2020, 2022 is chalk full of fraud, ballot shortages at precincts, broken and mis-calibrated machinery, spoiled ballots, unreadable ballots that simply must be transported downtown to be “adjudicated” (read, adjusted), stacks and boxes and pallets full of “suddenly discovered” ballots that surprisingly break for the socialist candidate, etc.

After sending press and legally required observers home over fake “burst pipe”, cases of pre-positioned hidden ballots are removed from under a table.

The process of counting votes, like that of casting votes, is dragging on and on. It should be a one-day event. It used to be.

In all honesty, the United States of America will not have legitimate, honest, fair and accurate elections until we consolidate voting to a single day, in-person, requiring voter’s ID (passport or drivers license), and staining a finger purple upôn casting a vote, with paper ballots that are hand-counted the very same day that they are cast.

Covid election procedures must be terminated. Vote by mail (aka fraud by mail), weeks of early voting, and the lax to non-existent security and verification of ballot authentication and verification of eligibility are nothing but a means to an end, the end being fraudulent, rigged elections.

America does not currently have a representative government. Rigged elections are installing corrupt, immoral, arrogant assholes in seats of power. All that flows from fraud is fraud. Any actions they take, legislation they introduce or “pass”, policies and regulations they promote, are ALL illegitimate and without authority.

And as for the balance of power and the two-party kabuki theater, Americans must finally accept it is an illusion, designed and presented to control the populace. Those installed via a mockery of elections do not represent the citizens, but themselves and their corporate and globalist sponsors. They certainly dont hold the values and concerns each party lays claim to. There is but one party, a uni-party, so do not support either or fall for their con game.

Do not despair if “Democrat’s” (socialist globalists) are announced as holding a majority. Nor should you celebrate if “Republicans” (supposed Constitutionalists with conservative values) win seats and take control.

Upon regaining power, the “Republicans” don’t ever roll back the unconstitutional or socialist laws and regulations the “Democrats” foisted on America while they held the majority. Instead, treasonous “Republicans” cement the “Democrats'” policies in place. People get acclimated to the socialist BS, and infringements are normalized. The Overton window shifts further to the Left. And the GOP fucks even “work across the aisle” while in power to pass “Democrat” agenda items!

Electing a “Republican” majority only serves to keep the frog from jumping out of the pot… ie, preventing rebellion.

Electing “Republicans” serves as a pressure release valve, guaranteeing a further shift toward “Democrat” policies, laws and ideology, by pausing the shift Left, just long enough to lock the most recent changes in place and prevent the opposition to socialism from reaching critical mass and thus civil war. It ensures America will keep going down the perpetual road to Hell that the uniparty has us on.

So celebrate the death throes of the fake and controlled so-called opposition party. Don’t be sad, cause they don’t really represent us.

The Dems will overstep. People will FINALLY wake the fuck up. MAYBE EVEN REVOLT, and take the country back. Look at history. It’s the only way.