Silencing Dissent

Update February 14, 2022: Dementia Joe’s handlers have initiated a Thought Crime regime at the DHS. ONLINE DISSENT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Citizens will be prevented from reading or accessing information about the federal government and the world at large that the “ministry of truth” does not approve. Read more here.

This department has officially been shuttered, but in fact was only renamed, and the DOJ and FBI have been discovered repeatedly interfering with access to information, directing social media and tech companies to censure news and quiet voices that point out crimes of the government and of the Democrat party specifically.

The standards move quickly.  So fast that if you blinked, you might have missed it.

“Everyone who disagrees with me is wrong” became
“Everyone who disagrees with me is a racist” which quickly became “Everyone who disagrees with me is a fascist,” only to escalate to “Everyone who disagrees with me is a terrorist.”  

And all the while, those with political power were using actual racism, fascism and identity politics to divide the public.

The politicians, media anchors and big tech CEO’s wanted Americans fighting each other, so we wouldn’t ever unite against our real enemy: them.

Socialists claim to be benevolent and tolerant, but they are only tolerant of their own opinions. According to Leftists’ doctrine, all opposition and competing ideas must be squashed, shouted down, suppressed and silenced. As must all evidence of their misdeeds.

This is wrong! This is not who we are as America! All ideas must be freely expressed and discussed. Dissenting ideas are only shouted down and forbidden by tyrants.

America saw this play out in real time before, during and after the 2020 election. It began when the New York Post’s explosive story about the Hunter Biden laptop was censored on Twitter, Facebook, and the legacy media, and all accounts that shared the story links were suspended or canceled. The reasoning behind this action was that the laptop contents were hacked (Twitter excuse), or that the story was “Russian Disinformation” (legacy media excuse), or that the claims of what the laptop contained needed to be “fact checked” before the story itself could be released for public consumption (Facebook excuse).

Yet the truth was that nothing was hacked, the laptop had been abandoned, and by state law was surrendered after a set period of time. The DNI immediately clarified that the laptop was real, in possession of the FBI for almost a year, and the Russians had nothing to do with it. Finally, no fact check was ever conducted on the Post’s story to finally clear it for Facebook, keeping the story buried and the majority of the public ignorant until AFTER the election. Only then did CNN and other legacy media acknowledge the veracity of the laptop stories, and that Hunter Biden was indeed being investigated by the FBI for failing to pay taxes on Burisma earnings and other issues.

What should have been the scandal to end the Biden campaign in a dumpster fire was successfully hidden from the general public.

After the election, polling by Rasmussen and others found that 17% of Biden voters would have voted differently had they heard the story prior to voting.

Immediately after the election was finally called via the Electoral College, the legacy media “broke” the story, and divulged that Hunter Biden was being investigated by the FBI, and had been for months. Of all things to “forget” to claim, Hunter had failed to properly report over $400,000 in income from Burisma. Other financial crimes were hinted at, such as fraud, laundering, etc, but the thousands of naked selfies, pictures of illicit drug use and pornographic pictures including underage females, a blood relative among them, were not noted.

The FBI has had the laptop for over a year as of this writing in January of 2021, and Hunter is not yet in prison for kiddie porn, among other crimes those pictures indicate. Nor are his family, who had a legal obligation to report his behavior to law enforcement.

update 03/18/22

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