2024 Presidential Platform

In order to represent We the People, the candidate’s platform should incorporate the following:

  1. The United States Constitution is the Law of the Land. The only powers the president, congress and federal government have flow from the People with their consent, and are strictly limited to those enumerated by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Departments, agencies and programs not authorized by the Constitution are void, and will be abolished. (This will result in massive savings, and a balanced budget will be possible.)
  2. Individual citizens have an absolute right to keep and bear (i.e. own/possess/carry/use) arms, aka modern military weapons suitable for use in combat, and at a level on par with the typical army soldier or federal law enforcement agent. The government is well aware it is specifically prohibited from policing or regulating arms. The GCA, NFA, Hughes Amendment, BATFE regulations and every other INFRINGEMENT only masquerade as safety measures, as they steal freedom for empty promises of security. Disarming citizens does nothing to stop criminals, and instead helps turn their future victims into defenseless targets.
  3. These unconstitutional infringements such as the NFA, GCA, Hughes Amendment and much of the scope and authority of the BATFE will be revoked, as adherence to the Constitution requires. Murder, robbery, assault and more are actions justly defined as crimes, with sufficient laws prohibiting and punishing such behaviors that must be enforced to hold perpetrators accountable. America will no longer infringe on the right to arms as an excuse to fight crime. Possession of a tool such as a machine gun is not a crime; murdering someone with one is.
  4. Justice is blind, and not for sale. All citizens are equal before the law, from the president to a homeless wayfarer. Laws shall not carve out exceptions for politicians, police, or pencil-pushing bureaucrats, and any exceptions in existence shall be nullified. What applies to one applies to all. Prosecutions of criminal acts will be pursued despite popularity or position.
  5. Accountability will be prescribed and meted out for those who violate their oaths of office, or fail to complete duties as defined by law. From passing budgets to enforcing immigration law, the so-called “leaders” of this nation shall no longer ignore their duties without repercussions.
  6. I will propose legislation and or an amendment for term limits, to two terms in the Senate and six in the House, with a combined limit of 12 years in Congress. Our founders envisioned service as a temporary sacrifice, not a career.
  7. Our system of taxation is corrupt, and Congress abuses its taxation powers, favoring sponsors with tax breaks. I will propose a flat national sales tax, where the more you spend, the more tax you contribute. Drug dealers, criminals, everyone who engages in commerce will thereby be taxed equally and fairly. Tax will be based on spending rather than earning. No more filing taxes or abusing write-offs and deductions.
  8. The USD is losing reserve currency status after decades of irresponsible policy, creating trillions out of thin air, and destroying people’s spending power. We will not pursue a CBDC to eliminate financial freedom and exert absolute control over citizens as the authoritarians planned. America will fulfill its Constitutional obligation to coin physical money, returning to the gold standard. Fiat currency is nothing but slavery through debt.

Whoever runs for president in 2024 will automatically be attacked by the media, big tech, teachers and the DNC… all leftwing radical zealots financially dependent on the corrupt system, who all work together to rig elections and hide the evidence. Honor, integrity and good moral character will set them apart from anyone on the Left. He or she will also automatically be leaps and bounds better than Dementia Joe, an addle-brained, ignorant yet arrogant pedophile who has committed dozens of felonies, from financial corruption schemes to crimes against the People and the Constitution. He is now not much more than a puppet for the radical woke socialists: Biden’s cognitive function is only that of a deviant prepubescent boy on his good days.