Future Food

The human sheep believing in the latest cause, climate change, have been brainwashed to believe that carbon causes global warming and that human interaction with the planet has been and will continue to raise temperatures, ultimately causing our demise as a species. This is categorically false. But they believe, and are pawns and marks for the corporations, politicians and grifter-looters of the World Economic Forum and UN Agenda 2030 crowd.

The WEF & UN leverage the world’s presidents and administrations (their puppets and collaborators) to inflict insane policies on citizens, from carbon credits and other taxes to limiting energy creation or output, and have now targeted food. They warn of a pending global famine, yet simultaneously create the very conditions to decimate food production and supply!

In June 2023, John Kerry and Dementia Joe Biden signed the US onto the UN’s livestock destruction plan, forcing farmers worldwide to cull herds, claiming cows and other livestock create 30-60% of the methane that they pretend is causing climate change. “Food production is a major driver of climate change” they spout, “so we must limit food production.” Umm, yeah, who’s gonna tell these psychopaths that destroying our food supply equates to starving humans?

This is the new agreement to commit genocide and human sacrifice on the alter of climate change. The Netherlands is forcing 30-35% of farmers off their land. Ireland is killing up to 200,000 cattle. The woke marxists are ensuring a global famine, because as Mao and Stalin and Hitler and every tyrant and dictator know, he who controls the food supply controls the people.

They are using the media and partner corporations to issue propaganda to the public and brainwash them into believing this is necessary and virtuous.

The World Economic Forum and UN Agenda 2030 (same as the Great Reset) are “educating” humanity on the need to eat bugs as protein rather than meat, because cows farts are going to cause the planet to overheat. Synthetic meat created by inducing cancers into cows and growing meat-like byproduct substances in labs (which incidentally was just proven to cause cancer in humans) is another meat “replacement” being advertised. Bill Gates owns the labmeat company, his demonic plan to generate billions for himself after denying actual beef to mankind. Curiously, Bill Gates also is the newest and largest single farm landowner in America, having just purchased some 270,000+ acres where he will raise cattle and grow pure organic food for himself and the ultra wealthy.

Gates isn’t done with destroying the general food supply and controlling the population, though. He also is releasing chemicals in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the surface, injecting biologics and vaccines into mosquitos being bred and released by the millions into the wild, and has a new plastene treatment for supposed “organic” fruits and vegetables that coats them and lets them invisibly rot from the inside while the outside appears fresh and delectable. oh… and it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to wash off- it chemically binds to the fruit or vegetable, so you get to eat it whether you want that chemical or not.

more to come… under construction .., June 2023