America Last

It is immediately obvious the usurper Biden chooses policies that put the average American citizen last. Why would Americans want this??? This traitor’s first day Executive Orders raise citizens’ energy prices; release foreign nationals convicted of murder, rape and child molestation into our neighborhoods; empower America’s enemies; enrich oligarchs; AND ensure one-party rule. These polices do NOT help or benefit the typical United States Citizen, not at all!

  • Rejoined WHO, paying 10 times what China pays, while China has 5x as many citizens as America.
  • Ordered all deportations of illegal aliens with final deportation orders cancelled, and to release those in custody. Over 1.1 million Illegal Aliens have had multiple appeals at great taxpayer expense, and were ordered deported every time, yet Biden instead told ICE & CBP to release them into your city.
  • Additionally, ordered all detention centers emptied, releasing all detainees into the American interior, with no regard to the criminal backgrounds and pending warrants for child molestation, rape, murder, assault, human trafficking, etc. 74% of the detainees are convicted criminals! Biden owns every murder, assault, rape and evil depravity that follows, and should face prosecution for the same as a co-defendant.
  • Biden rescinded Trump’s ban on the Chinese Communist Party working on America’s power grid, granting China effective control over our power.
  • Joe Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline, personally destroying 61,000 jobs, and increasing energy costs for all Americans. His very first day in office, he personally put American families last and foreign profits first.
  • Rejoined Paris debacle, guaranteeing US taxpayers will pay billions to foreign nations for fake carbon “credits”, while ALSO spiking our monthly energy bills AND killing US jobs. Oh joy.
  • Ended construction of the already funded border wall, designed to protect America from drug and human trafficking, terrorists, foreign national invaders, etc, while he himself is protected by numerous walls, fences, razor wire AND 30,000 armed soldiers.
  • Biden rescinded Trump’s order that reduced end user costs for epinephrine and insulin, raising costs for Americans.
  • Rescinded the travel ban, making it easier for terrorists to enter America and do us harm, as well as increasing the threat of Covid-19.
  • Invaded Syria with a convoy of over 40 armored fighting vehicles and trucks.
  • Ignored China’s invasion of Taiwan airspace with 8 Chinese bomber planes and four fighter jets, on his 3rd day in office.
  • EO guarantees horny teenage boys the right to access girls locker rooms and showers just by claiming their gender is female on any given day.