That’s what the current enemies of America are, unfortunately. These socialist traitors are dishonorable, disreputable, and unworthy of respect. They don’t have the courage of their convictions to state them openly, to declare hostilities, to admit to their misdeeds, and to announce their intent.

It is tied to the fact that their ideology is flawed. Fatally. Socialists and Marxists can never win a debate on merits, so they flood the zone with propaganda … and then they censor, shout down, and shut down all opposing views.

America once had enemies worthy of respect. Not this time.

I would have more respect for these traitors if they had the courage to be honest. Rather than ridiculously claiming “we have a mandate; we are doing the ‘will of the people’ after a definitive win at the polls,” they should say “we are gonna force what we want through, despite half the country being fiercely opposed to our agenda“. Don’t insult America by claiming a razor-thin margin after cheating your asses off is a convincing win, or that it gives you a mandate. You know it does not, and you know that we know it, too.

Be honest. Admit “we are gonna flood America with even more third world immigrants, to spike the labor pool, tank wages, and massively increase the number of consumers and government dependents, further enriching the CEO and investor class, while ensuring one-party rule. The people responsible for putting us in office are going to be rewarded, and they are going to become ridiculously wealthy by forcing the ‘great reset’ on everyone, whether you like it or not. It isn’t about saving the planet, it is about control and getting filthy rich.

If you actually believed it was the right thing to do, you would admit it. You know it isn’t, and that your agenda only benefits the few corrupt assholes at the top, so you keep your mouths shut.

You fear what the public would do to you, if you were honest. That is why you lie, every time you open your mouths.

… More to come on this, in the days ahead.