Peaceful Protests

The following photographic evidence was taken this summer during what were, and continue to falsely be described as “peaceful protests” by the legacy media (which has the lowest trust ratings by the public in history) and democrats in Congress (who have a 13% approval rating by the public, just like republicans). These riots, looting and arson were committed by antifa and blm members. Antifa is defended, and described as “just an idea” by Jerry “Oompa Lumpa” Nadler and Joe “Bribe ’em” Biden. In fact, they are a terrorist organization. And BLM is a marxist group intent on disrupting the nuclear family and the American way of life, per their own website.

Nightly summer antifa riot in Portland. Here a criminal hurls a molotov cocktail at a federal officer.
BLM looters destroy a cash register and take what they want.