January 6th

This was not the first “siege” of the Capital since 1800-whatever, as the fear mongering media claim breathlessly.  

1954 – Cuban nationals shoot 5 senators in the chamber

1971 – Weather Underground detonated a bomb one floor below the Senate chamber

1983 – Marxist group Armed Resistance Unit blows up a bomb outside the Senate building.

And in ’79 Jimmy Cater pardoned those 4 Puerto Rican Nationalists, for shooting senators!

And Clinton pardoned 1983 bomber Susan Rosenberg, per Jerry Nadler’s request!  

And guess what that 1983 marxist bomber is up to now?  She is on the board of Black Lives Matter, teaching them marxism.

The short version:

… there is no “going back”, only forward and/or through.  

It’s not that the Left is near all knowing and powerful in relation to the Right; it’s that there is no Right.  The House and Senate have maybe a handful or two of Patriots, regardless of their D/R/I status, who represent America.  The LEFT & RIGHT, dnc and gop, are a uniparty. They work together, only conflict on camera to deliver kabuki theater, and enjoy happy hour and back-slapping together after 4pm EST.  I worked in the Hart Senate Building for a Senator and witnessed this first hand.

Authoritarians who have insinuated themselves in Congress and the bureaucracy of the federal gov choreographed Jan 6 to create the narrative that an insurrection took place, and to instill fear in the public.  Nancy personally denied staffing requests for police and national guard.  Capital police let “tourists” into one side of the building and scuffled with “intruders” on the other.  

Reps and Senators were fearful, truly scared though, because they didn’t know how far Americans would go.  It wasn’t an insurrection, arms were left at home and no intent to harm or remove the rancid politicians existed among 99% of the people that day.  Some believe that’s very unfortunate.  The scene was perfectly set for photos, though, ready to be captioned, and the media only allowed one version of the story to be told.

Authoritarians wanted something they could control and spin happen, and with pAntifa and FBI actors in the mix, they got it.  They’re lucky people weren’t there for an insurrection.  And AZ authoritarians working with federal partners during and after the 2022 election fraud likely want a large but manageable crowd/showing/protest, with a sprinkle of violence, that they can spin as “crazy conspiracy right wingers”, or the “reason we need to become a police state.”   They seek a ready-made justification for future acts.

Maybe nothing happens.  Maybe they get what they want and manipulate the public with it.  Maybe they get more than they asked for, and it starts a chain reaction … all over the country.  

My crystal ball broke a while back, so I don’t know

Contrary to the lies of politicians and infotainers (America no longer has journalists or reporters), there was no insurrection, coup, sedition or domestic terrorism on 01/06/21. If Americans had wanted to execute such an act, they would have come armed to the teeth, to a man and to a woman. Had Americans chosen to carry out such an act, they would have. No attempt was made, nor considered. What we had on January 6th, 2021, was a tiny fraction of the rally attendees walk over to the Capital, protest and get a little rowdy…behaving not-half-as-badly as the leftwing BLM and antifa criminals did all summer long. And that’s a fact.

The only intentional death that occurred that day was the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed white veteran female protester by a cowardly black Capital Hill policeman in a suit. Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck from point blank range of less than three feet away, while presenting no threat, climbing through a broken window on the Speaker’s hallway, with a fully armed contingent of Capital Hill SWAT officers less then 5 feet behind her, making their way up the stairs.

Between 500,000 and one million patriotic Americans traveled to Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021 to rally for America, lawful elections, the Rule of Law, and President Trump. A number of so-called “antifascists” (who in fact utilize fascist methods of violence to silence opposing views) also attended, with the goal of creating havoc and transferring blame onto normal citizens. In addition, FBI agitators and some citizens under their influence were present.

The overwhelming majority in attendance at the rally believed they would hear and see additional evidence of the fraud perpetrated on America during the 2020 election. They anticipated a celebration. Perhaps Congress would be receiving a similar presentation inside the Capital, an audio/visual display of late night ballot deliveries, vote switching by means of voting machine “adjudication,” or double and triple counting of ballots, of the type the entire world saw on video from Georgia.

Instead, after a few preliminary speakers, President Trump appeared a full hour behind schedule, and began reviewing much of the evidence the public was already aware of. He discussed the possibility of Vice President Pence doing the right thing and using his plenary power to send the vote back to the Legislatures of key disputed swing states, per their request; or simply disqualify those disputed states’ electors, as the elections had been run in defiance of state statutes and contrary to state election laws.

While the President was speaking, approximately a 30 minute walk in the distance, the first trouble makers arrived at the Capital. They breached the temporary perimeter fences with no opposition from capital police, and set them aside, so that when the crowd arrived almost an hour later, there were no fences or barriers to indicate entry was discouraged. These people were encountered fewer law enforcement personnel than are typically present at the Capital, a result of intentional design by Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, who refused requests days before from the Capital Police to increase security and call in additional help.

By the time Trump finished his speech, with the instructions that people were to “peacefully and patriotically ask Congress to do the right thing”, ie, count only legitimate votes as prescribed by state legislature , people were already at the steps of the Capital. Some were antifa, who were filmed changing out of black bloc into patriotic attire, with trump hats and flags. Others were average citizens who apparently had no intention of abiding by Trump’s call for peace, and didn’t even hear it, already being at the Capital.

The VP, senators and representatives were at this time informed there was a pending breach of the building, instructed to wear emergency breathing apparatus and escorted out of the chamber. Some were led to the capital underground tram or subway, some to corridors and tunnels. They encountered no unauthorized individuals, protesters or rally attendees, and were never in any physical danger, beyond tripping. A few took selfies in their plastic face bags, and of their calm and orderly stroll through the lower corridors of the building.

The crowd of 500,000 to a million arrived 30 minutes or so later. As they walked, those already at the Capital pressed up against police lines just outside the building. In some places, police quickly abandoned their positions and waved crowd members past, and even held open doors for them to enter the Capital building, as numerous videos show.

In other areas, a few rabble rousers beat on windows. There are videos of the crowd yelling at them to stop, and chanting “stop antifa”. Some of the breachers were dressed in black from head to toe. They entered through windows. Other windows were then smashed in by people in normal clothing nearby. A few entrances were still guarded by police, and the crowd tried to push in, only to be repelled with mace and pepper spray.

While this was going on, several dozen were inside already, making their way through the atrium, staying within the silk ropes, admiring paintings and statues. Some made it inside the chamber, such as the howling man in face paint and fur. A policeman asked that the group be respectful of “this most sacred place”, as video evidence shows. More entered, and rifled through desks, looking at papers and per video and audio, seeking evidence of the intentions of politicians.

In other areas of the building, some rabble rousers trashed a handful of offices by strewing papers all over the floors, taking pictures of computer screens, taking selfies, and taking a dump on Adam “bug eyes” Schiff’s desk. Yes, indeed, someone laid a deuce, a steaming pile of excrement on Adam Schiff’s personal desk. It’s fair to say he deserved a memento of the American public’s displeasure.

Outside the Speaker’s Office, three police officers guarded the entrance to the hallway, and a door that blockaded entry. An instigator from antifa and BLM riots in the past made his way through the crowd claiming he had a knife, encouraging people to burn it down, and congratulating the crowd. “We did it, we took this place, this is ours, we made history”. He and other instigators (One wearing a Perelli shirt and fur hat) encouraged the police to abandon their position, and riled up the crowd. They encouraged the crowd to make their way through the barricade door, fur hat man banging on it with a spare helmet and JaydenX, the BLM provocateur, shouting and inciting the crowd.

A woman named Ashli Babbitt started to climb through a side window to enter the barricaded hallway, while a squad of SWAT officers with rifles made their way up the stairs, the closest not five feet behind her. She was murdered by a man in a suit inside the hallway, shot in the neck without warning, from 3 feet away. He could have pushed her back as she crouched in the windowsill, or pulled her though and cuffed her, or allowed the armed SWAT team to deal with her. They obviously didn’t see this unarmed woman as a threat, and even raised weapons to point at the suited shooter. He had paid no heed to what and who was behind her when he shot her, and could have murdered a SWAT officer as well.

The few dozen who had been inside eventually left, after being in the Capital for a maximum of two hours.

We came dangerously close to the overthrow of the US government by an armed insurrectionary mob.” — US Rep. Jamie Raskin on the events on January 6 https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/jamie-raskin-impeachment-interview/

The above quote was included for comic relief. An armed insurrection? Bwa hahahaha! Buddy, you wouldn’t speak such nonsense if you pulled your head out if your ass long enough to look around that day and see that the patriots assembling in DC left their 383 MILLION FIREARMS at home, intentionally. They had no intention of overthrowing the US government! They came to tell you useless pricks to follow the Constitutional processes and ensure the election had integrity.

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