You’ve Been Lied To

The media in America used to be objective, honest, factual. It offered information without spin, and allowed you to decide what that meant to you, and how it would affect your life. If at all. Today, the media picks which stories to share and which to hide, tells you how to think about the stories it presents, and it slants those stories in a way to nudge you toward a desired outcome. Anchors and “reporters” spin a narrative, rather than present news.

In the 1980’s there were over 50 media companies operating in the United States. Now there are 6, who control almost every news channel you watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Often owned by foreign entities, they most certainly do not have properly informing Americans as their primary goal. There is a reason why faith in the media is at an all-time low, and the term “fake news” is uttered daily.

It isn’t just the legacy media that is lying to you and/or distorting the accuracy of your world view. Social media, a platform that didn’t even exist 20 years ago, determines how many Americans consume news, filtering and distorting what you see, or even censoring stories outright. Events and issues that certain parties want highlighted are prioritized and go viral, while others that run counter to their preferred narrative are “shadow banned”, receive reduced coverage, or disappear into the ether.

It doesn’t end there. Even when you search for information, the results you are ALLOWED to view are also controlled, rather than being delivered unfiltered. The search engine you utilize has a direct impact on the accuracy of the results displayed.

Hollywood also plays a part, in the manner in which actors entertain us and stories are told. The way they normalize lies, and celebrate repulsive changes in culture. The school system is guilty as well. That is where indoctrination occurs, and revisionist history is taught.

What have you been lied to about? Your country, your government, and your world, and how each interrelates and affects your life. For instance, you are probably hearing all about “threats to our democracy” right now. The thing is, we don’t live in a democracy! The United States of America is a Constitutionally limited democratic Republic.

The difference between the two is night and day. A “democracy” is like two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Ten times out of ten, it will be the sheep. A simple majority rules. A Constitutionally limited democratic Republic is a government made of representatives selected by the people to make decisions in their best interests, whose powers are limited by the fixed rules of the Constitution, and in which the minority still has power. Going back to the sheep and wolves, it’s like the herd and pack selecting a few to make decisions about dinner and everything else, and giving a rifle to the sheep. The sheep is no longer powerless and subject to the whims of the majority that wants to eat it.

What’s all this doing on an “About” page? Well, is dedicated to uncovering the truth and exposing all the lies. That is our purpose: arming the public with truth in a rebellion against all the fake news, the indoctrinations, and the lies. America is at a crossroads, more divided than at any time since the Civil War. We may even be on the brink of Civil War 2.0 right now, because of all the lies, and the machinations of the socialists and globalists in our government and throughout private industry who are trying to undermine the Constitution and transform the country.

Members of the House and Senate and even some of our Presidents have been working with those mentioned above, intentionally deceiving and dividing ‘We the People’ of America via identity politics and wedge issues, setting us against each other for the sole purpose of keeping the public from identifying who the real enemy is: our government, and the special interest globalists who influence it through corruption.

Or, as journalist Kyle Becker put it, “Identity politics is the Democrats’ way of keeping us pre-occupied with arguing among ourselves about past grievances & superficial matters while they amass power & dispense taxpayer loot to their radical, bureaucratic & corporate allies. It’s a con game & they’re the masters.”

Allow me to provide an analogy to help explain. In a natural environment in the desert, certain red ants and black ants get along fine, in a peaceful coexistence. If you were to collect a hundred of each and put them in a glass jar together, they would crawl all over each other, back and forth, over and under, and there wouldn’t be a problem at all. But if one was to shake the jar violently, they would start fighting viciously, tearing off each other’s legs and antennae, biting off each other’s heads, reds vs blacks, and blacks vs reds. They would never realize that their joint enemy, their only enemy, was the person who shook the jar.

Back to America, and in light of the analogy, blacks and whites, hispanics and blacks, asians and hispanics, rich and poor, male and female, straight and gay, democrat and republican, WE ARE ALL just red and black ants. We could all get along fine, if we were not set against each other by our government, with the assistance of the legacy media, social media and the search engines, hollywood, etc. Mankind’s natural competitive spirit has been manipulated to our detriment.

It is a sad time in the history of the American experiment. The corrupt quest for power and control that drives Communists really is evil, dressed up as collectivism, socialism, progressivism. While Marxism portrays itself as a philanthropic pursuit for the betterment of all, the Communist ideology seeks the enslavement of the many for the benefit of the few.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Can we count on you?