2020 Election

Updated 01/29/2021

We all saw it happen- the election was stolen.

We all saw 6 states stop counting AT THE SAME TIME, or claim to.

We all saw the drops of 90%+ for Biden in the middle of the night, when “no counting was taking place”.

We all saw the covered windows; poll observers and challengers being kicked out.

We all saw fake ballots being pulled from under a table, then counted in an empty hall, after a fake water main break sent even the press home for the night.

We all saw honest Americans attempting to have the evidence reviewed by the courts.

We all saw the courts fail, by refusing to review evidence, refusing to rule on merits, and deny cases strictly on procedural grounds.

We all saw election boards, governors and secretaries of state falsely certify what they knew were fraudulent results.

We all saw elected officials, facebook, twitter and the legacy media lie to us, suppress and censure information, suspend and cancel accounts, deny access and prohibit investigations.

Joe Biden is not the duly elected president, and never will be.  
Any government actions initiated by Joe or Kamala have no force of law or moral standing.  
We will resist, oppose and remove ALL who attempted to force this fraud on the American people.

Update: links to statistical analysis of voting data, reports on illegal funding of ballot drop boxes, unconstitutional changes to election laws that were NOT approved by the state legislature, video evidence and more will be posted below… Click each to open.

  1. Amistad Project
  2. Politzer hacked Dominion machines during Georgia hearing
  3. Deep Capture evidence on Dominion
  4. Wisconsin Supreme Court rules 215,000 “indefinitely confined” voters were ineligible to claim that status due to covid19
  5. Montage of media suppression of Hunter Biden bombshell story
  6. ASOG report on Dominion
  7. Crowd sourced evidence
  8. Biden Bursima Corruption Senate Report
  9. Pennsylvania General Assembly requests Congress reject electors
  10. Melissa Carone affidavit under penalty of perjury
  11. Statistical Analysis of voter abnormalities, dumps, etc
  12. Video testimony of Detroit Leaks whistleblower
  13. USPS whistleblower affidavit via Veritas
  14. Peter Navarro’s report on election fraud
  15. Forensic Audit of three states